Spartan Race to be held on September 15 and 16 in Subic

By Jonas Reyes

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT – Spartan Race, the most popular Obstacle Course Race (OCR) in the world, will be holding the country’s first Trifecta Weekend at the Camayan Beach Resort here in Subic Bay Freeport.


This was revealed on Wednesday during a press conference by Race Director Michael Reyes, adding that this is a historic event for the Philippines since this is the first Trifecta event were all three medals can be conquered in one weekend.

“We are expecting around 5,000 athletes to participate in the event since the reception we got in the last three events were phenomenal. We approximate around 7,000 finishers in the Philippines with 99.99 percent finish rate,” Reyes said.

“After this race we are looking at over 10,000 finishers in the very first year of Spartan Race,” he added.

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman Wilma T. Eisma welcomed the Spartan Race event, saying that this would add to the already large number of sporting events being held in Subic, thus cementing this premier Freeport’s reputation as the endurance sports capital of the Philippines.

“My staff does obstacle race from time to time, and it brings back the child in us. When we were kids, we didn’t have any cellphones or wifis, but we used to climb trees, run around the streets, jump over fences, so the driving thing for me to take up OCR is to tap our inner child,” Eisma said.

The Spartan Race Trifecta Weekend is part of the South East Asia (SEA) Series Finale that will happen on September 15 and 16, holding three races in one epic weekend. The race will cover the Ilanin Forest West of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

The Trifecta Weekend is an event that will hold all three Spartan Races: Spartan Sprint, a six-kilometer-long, 20 obstacle course; Spartan Super, a 13-kilometer-long, 25 obstacle course; and the Spartan Beast, a 21-kilometer-long, 30 obstacle course.

This particular Trifecta Weekend is the grand finale of the Southeast Asian Championship Series that will be offering the only Spartan Beast in the SEA Series. Spartan racers from all over Southeast Asia will be coming to Subic Bay Freeport to gain a spot in the 2018 World Championship in Lake Tahoe.

The Spartan Beast will be held on Saturday, September 15 while the Spartan Sprint and Super categories will be held on Sunday, September 16. An estimate of 5,000 racers are expected to take part in this very event.

Ocean Adventure Founder Scott Sharpe said that the company plans to create a small obstacle course inside their Camayan Beach Resort to get the tourists who frequent their theme park and resort a taste of Spartan Race course. He added that he wants to create a fitness community based on the OCR.