AUDIO JUNKIE: ‘Anne’-lyzing ‘Anne’-bition

Published August 13, 2018, 7:23 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

In terms of achievement, Anne Curtis is bonafide popstar.

Anne Curtis (
Anne Curtis

She’s held sold out concerts. She’s released albums, one even certified Platinum. And the way she sings, well, a lot of people love her for it.

So, how did she do it? Anne put out her “Annebisyosa” album in 2011, a time when it seemed she could do no wrong. The album’s carrier single, “Tinamaan Ako,” was the right amount of bubblegum that matched Curtis’ sparkling personality. Even the inclusion of her cover of Heart’s “Alone” and Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” – serious “birit” songs both – was designed more to poke fun at herself than anything else.

The first album was a lesson in A&R (artist & repertoire) work. Anne’s label (Viva) never aimed for the album to be a great piece of art/music. It just wanted to highlight what was good about Curtis: Her fun personality. Tailoring the album’s content, from the original single, a straight-on Tagalog worded piece of pop, and the selected covers, was designed to highlight Anne being, well, Anne Curtis. Man, you can even say that the rest of the songs on that album were fillers. After all, she’s a star and her audience just wants to hear, and, later, see her work her way through a song.

Hence the concerts ‘ANNEbisyosa,’ the penultimate ‘ANNEkapal,’ and now ‘ANNEkulit.’ For the latter we’d like to see Anne dust up her old songs from the first album just for nostalgia’s sake.

“Annekulit” is said to be a highlights-laden trip for Curtis, who’s holding the concert as an excuse to celebrate her 21st year in entertainment. She said this concert will ne her last – and good thing too! At some point, the novelty of “Anne”-hilating a song will wear off so she might as well end it now on a high note.