NPA platoon commander, younger brother yield to Army in Agusan

Published August 7, 2018, 11:53 AM

by Patrick Garcia

By Mike Crismundo

CAMP BANCASI, Butuan City – An alleged Communist New People’s Army Terrorist (CNT) platoon commander and his younger brother voluntarily surrendered to Army authorities and pledged to help the government’s peace and development program, Capt. Al Anthony B. Pueblas, Civil Military Operation (CMO) officer of the Army’s 402nd Infantry (Stingers) Brigade told The Manila Bulletin on Tuesday.


For security and safety reasons, identity of the CNT platoon commander and his 18-year-old younger brother are temporarily withheld.

However, the 402nd CMO officer said the commander was under the SDG Platoon 16 of Guerilla Front Committee 16 while his younger brother was formerly under the SPP 16-A, both of the CPP-NPA Northeastern Mindanao Regional Committee (NEMRC).

They brought along with them one M14 rifle with five magazines of live ammunitions and two hand grenades, he said.

They voluntarily surrendered to the Army’s 29th Infantry (Matatag) Battallion (29th IB) operationally controlled by the 402nd Brigade.

They are still under debriefing while preparing to be enrolled to E-CLIP, program that extends livelihood and cash support from the government to rebel returnees, Pueblas said.

“Their main reason why they surrender is that they wanted to live a normal life and to have a stable job in order to help their family,” the 402nd CMO officer claimed.

He said the brothers are also tired in continuously running in the mountains and lack of food.

The brothers are set to see their families after they received E-CLIP program of the government, Pueblas added.