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Published July 24, 2018, 2:17 PM


By Raffy Paredes

And now to our featured readers.

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Annie Rose de Mesa shares her photo, “Southern Windmills.” “This photo was taken last July 4 when we took a side trip going to Pililla, Rizal since it’s just nearby the area we visited,” she writes. “It reminds me of Tom Jones’ song plus seeing the gigantic windmills in person was awesome.”

From Celbert Palaganas is an untitled reflection photo of a fisherman in very calm and easy waters of Oslob, Cebu.

Donald Pancho’s untitled photo of a smiling lady with a Santo Niño was taken at the Luneta before the Grand Aliwan Festival parade while participants from all over the country were being prepped up, given final instructions, final make up touches, etc.

The photo, “Poseidon’s Wrath” taken at Tabinay Beach, Puerto Galera comes from Eduard Yaco. “I was on vacation that time in my hometown Puerto Galera when the weather didn’t favor my plans to go beach hopping and snorkeling that day, so I decided to pick up my camera, head to the beach and wait for the dramatic moment that nature was about to give me,” relates Eduard. “After hours of patiently waiting for the moment – I wanted to capture human interests/activities on people securing their boats for the coming typhoon – suddenly, the clouds formation and drastic movement of the waves caught my attention. I carefully set my tripod to a lower angle position and tried to capture the wave streaks through different shutter speeds. I ended up with this image that I titled ‘Poseidon’s Wrath.’”

Francis Icko Lopez sent in the photo of Pinsal Falls in Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur titled “Mother Nature’s Way.”  He shares that this photo was recognized in an online photography group, Mega Pixel International as the very first ever to get 400 likes within 34 hours. “So I’m very proud of this photo which I waited for many hours to take this place as nice as I want,” he writes. “And at a golden hour – a kind of golden hour one remembers for a lifetime. ‘Pag may tiyaga may ibubunga.” Francis credits his mentor Ricky Ladia for his learning in photography.

Lennox Lente contributed the cat photo, “Photobomber.” He shares: “In the photo are my Scottish Fold kitten, Pringles (front) and my British Shorthair, Pancho (back). This is truly animated, since Pringles appeared to be seriously doing a selfie while Pancho ridiculously inserted himself in the background.” Lennox took the photo with a smartphone.

Miguel Alberto, a landscape, street, and travel photographer and member of the Camera Club of Angono submitted the untitled photo of a man seated by the lakeside at sunset.