THE ARISTOCRAT RESTAURANT: Eight decades of good food

Published July 22, 2018, 6:40 PM

by Francine Ciasico


A discussion on Filipino food and traditions will not be complete without mentioning the famed The Aristocrat Restaurant, founded by Engracia Cruz Reyes back in 1936.
Eighty-two years later, Aristocrat remains an embodiment of good food and good service enjoyed by generations of Filipinos.


“My lola wanted to share love to the people through her dishes which she prepared with passion and dedication,” said Chichi Reyes Tulao, the eldest granddaughter of the esteemed Aristocrat founder.
“She always wanted the people, the customers to be happy, hence, everyone in the staff was happy, which then translated to delectable dishes and good service,” she added.

“In the end, the customers are happy,” she further told the staff of the Sunday Bulletin over lunch that served Aristocrat’s famed chicken barbecue and java rice combo.

The conversation on a windy Monday noon was made more pleasant and complete with generous, delectable servings of steaming kare-kare, menudo, pancit luglog, adobo, arroz caldo, leche flan, turon and other culinary delights and stories on the rich history of Aristocrat.

Mama Sita’s

In the mood for good food while overseas or pressed for time?


Enter Mama Sita’s sauces and mixes.

Teresita Reyes, daughter of Engarcia, found a way to bring the distinct flavor and goodness of kare-kare, sinigang, menudo, adobo, oyster sauce, chicken barbecue marinade and the like to the tables and kitchens of homemakers through Mama Sita’s mixes and sauces.

She started with a ready to use sinigang paste, and later formulated ready tom use sauces for other signature and favorite dishes, to allow many others to bring home and replicate the goodness of good Filipino food.