Actors Michael Copon and Dante Basco remember Pinoy heritage

Even though Blue Ranger from ‘Power Rangers’ Michael Copon and Rufio from ‘Hook’ Dante Basco have been internationally acclaimed actors, they never forget the Filipino blood residing within them as they still celebrate their Filipino heritage until now.

Michael Copon (left), Dante Basco (middle), and Kelly Hu (MANILA BULLETIN) Blue Ranger actor Michael Copon (left), Rufio actor Dante Basco (middle), and Lady Deathstrike actress Kelly Hu during a press conference at TOYCON 2018 Poplife Fan Xperience (MANILA BULLETIN)

“My mom is British-Canadian mix and my dad is Filipino,” explained Copon in a press conference with the media during TOYCON 2018 Poplife Fan Xperience at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

He also revealed how his family lives in a way a Filipino family does. He recalled certain traits of Filipino families... such as taking shoes off before entering the house; or, eating well, as he was told: ‘Michael, eat some more.’

“Growing up, I was on the chunky side because I loved to eat. You know you weren’t supposed to leave the table until you finished your share of the food.” Copon said.

As this was Copon’s second time in the country, he shared that he was able to visit his family from Cavite, the province where his father is from, and it was an amazing and eye-opening experience for him.

On the other hand, Basco stated that his parents are both Filipinos.

“My dad resides in Pangasinan and my mom resides in Zambales, and (in the US) I grew up in a Filipino neighborhood, both in San Francisco and also in LA,” he shared.

Furthermore, Basco described how it was like living in a Filipino community.

“Filipinos in our area are very very proud of our heritage, very proud of being Pinoys. As far as I know, we celebrate through dance, through music, through food,” said Basco. “It’s just we’re very connected in being Filipino.”

Copon also starred in the hit American television series as Felix Taggaro from the ‘One Tree Hill’ and as Vin Keahi from ‘Beyond the Break.’

Meanwhile, Basco is also a voice actor in different animated series and video games. He is well-known as Zuko in ‘Avatar: The Legend of Aang,’ and as Jake Long in ‘American Dragon: Jake Long.’On video games, he voiced Iroh II from ‘The Legend of Korra’ and Seeing Father in ‘Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.’