Butuan police steps up “Oplan Dikit” drive

Published June 3, 2018, 11:25 AM

by Patrick Garcia

By Mike Crismundo

BUTUAN CITY – The Metro Butuan City Police Office (BCPO) today stepped up their “Oplan Dikit” drive aimed at getting the active participation of the community against all forms of criminality.


Under “Oplan Dikit,” all police stations in urban and rural areas are required to use their all-out information drive posters and other printed materials for the community to know whom to call if they detected or seen any form of crime.

All police units in this region’s premier and capital city have initiated an information campaign dubbed “Oplan Dikit” to help inform the public of the emergency police hotline numbers in the hopes of curbing street violence and crime here.

“More so that the opening of classes starts on Monday and everybody must know where to contact before the crime is committed,” said an intelligence police officer who requested anonymity.

He said this campaign is for public awareness because the BCPO believes that prevention is better than cure.

He added that the community has a vital role to play being the first line of defense against crime.

The BCPO ratio between a police officer and the people living in the city is about one for every 1,006. The entire force of the BCPO is estimated at 530 police officers.

Meanwhile, the regional command of Northeastern Mindanao Police Regional Office 13 (PRO 13) today ordered all field unit police directors to deploy more police force in all schools, both government and private, as opening of classes is already in place.

The regional command of PRO 13 based at Camp Colonel Rafael C. Rodriguez here also ordered all field unit commanders in the five provinces and six cities spread all over Caraga region to establish “police desks” in the nearby school premises for the students to immediately report any untoward incidents.

“All field unit commanders are also required to personally supervise and closely monitor their respective personnel during the opening of classes,” said PRO 13 public information officer-in-charge Senior Insp. Venus S. Cale.

PRO 13 deployed “maximum number” of police personnel to secure schools and students for the opening of classes in private and public schools tomorrow, she added.