Dare to Share

Published June 2, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Agence-France-Presse


“It’s not my story to tell,” would always be a tagline that people say to avoid being pressured into revealing what they know about another person. Even in show business, most celebrities know how to play the game and one of the rules is to never reveal anything that could affect the image of another.

Apparently, Talkative Talent (TT) did not get the memo. When the opportunity came and, perhaps, for his peace of mind, TT nonchalantly revealed that the dream of fans for him to have a real relationship with Reel Partner (RP) will never happen. TT squealed that RP was interested in Someone Else (SE), and such revelation is such a no-no in a world that thrives on illusion.

TT did not get away from his stunt easily because RP allegedly called him and gave him a piece of her mind. RP told TT that he had no right to meddle in her personal affairs. Anyway, according to rumors, the two did try to develop chemistry even off screen, but their different expectations clashed. One wanted just a physical, non-commitment relationship, and the other would not be amenable to such condition. Besides, both need each other for their careers, as loveteams seem to be the easiest way to gain fame and projects.

Nonetheless, the careers of the two are in jeopardy and it’s not because they lack talent, but rather, their attitude has created so much negative publicity. The management recognizes that negative feedback about a celebrity has a ripple effect and viewers are affected by such reports.

Incidentally, RP is also the apple of the eye of a Prominent Personality (PP), who dabbles in two significant fields in the country. PP has been helping out RP in her responsibilities as bread winner. Help is, of course, in the form of monetary compensation for companionship and silence. RP must keep secret the attention given to her by PP, who is old enough to be her father.


‘Many of us will be obsessed with one or another kind of secret or revelation, be it gossip about friends or ourselves, a fantasy about spies, or a worry about the most personal information now stored in data banks. But few of us think about secrets in general, or about the moral rights and wrongs of hiding or exposing them.’ – Ian Hacking

Wrong Move

When Versatile Talent (VT) went on hiatus, the break meant a no-work-no-pay situation. Thus, VT had to spend her savings and make sure her family continues to enjoy the lifestyle her career has afforded them over the years. Money is not inexhaustible and VT needs to return to work, which is understandable.

VT became impatient and made public her hunch that someone does not want her to have projects. According to the grapevine, such accusation has no basis, as no one is consciously making sure she remains on sabbatical. Despite being talented and known, her last projects failed to pull the ratings and revenues. The management had to think over her projects. Remember that every appearance of an actor is an investment that the producer wants to earn from.

When management learned of the edginess of VT that was expressed to everyone, disappointment prevailed. The feeling was that VT was instigating some idea that was not true at all. Instead of feeling pity toward VT, the management did not buy into the angst of VT and might not even reply favorably for the meantime. For the higher-ups, a private talk would have been the resolution to the work problem of VT. One has to deal with such issue on a professional level.


‘Comfort in expressing your emotions will allow you to share the best of yourself with others, but not being able to control your emotions will reveal your worst.’ – Bryant H. McGill