ROUNDUP: News in and around Metro Manila (May 29, 2018)

Published May 29, 2018, 4:36 PM

by Francine Ciasico

Shootout fatal for robber

​An armed robber who just held up a cell phone dealer was killed after shooting it out with law enforcers in Alabang, Muntinlupa City Monday night.

The still unidentified suspect was rushed to the nearest hospital but eventually died due to his injuries. The suspect was clad in black sando, basketball shorts, and a gray jacket with hood.

The suspect’s cohort managed to escape and is still being hunted down by police.

Initial investigation revealed that the victim, Joana Sayson, 37, was heading home at around 11:30 p.m. when the two suspects approached her, drew out their pistols and declared holdup.

The two suspects took Sayson’s bag containing P3,600 and a Samsung J7 before escaping towards Barangay Bayanan.

Sayson reported the incident to the police who in turn, conducted a hot pursuit operation and were able to catch up with the suspects. They traded shots with the law enforcers which resulted to the wounding of one of the suspects.

A caliber .38 pistol was recovered as well as Sayson’s shoulder bag. The suspect was brought to the nearest hospital where he later died.

Police are exerting efforts to identify the dead suspect and arrest his cohort. (Dhel Nazario)

Manhunt for killers pushed

ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal- Police here are still on the hunt for the killers and their cohorts in the series of unsolved murders that happened earlier this month in this city.

Supt. Serafin Petalio II, chief of police here said although cases of murder and frustrated murder have been filed earlier this week against a certain Robert Chavez, alias Bong Chavez, in relation to the killing of Supt. Ramy Gaspar Tagnong, and Retired PO2 Rodolfo Lico, the investigation to unmask other suspects and the mastermind in the killings of the police officers still continue.

Chavez, of Barangay Inarawan, in this city, and who still at-large, is facing murder and frustrated murder complaints in relation to the May 4 shooting to death of lawyer, Supt. Tagnong, and the wounding of the policeman-lawyer’s common-law wife, Maria Angela Hadap.

The same suspect is also being tagged as one of the killers in the PO2 Rodolfo Lico murder that happened on May 19 wherein the gunman managed to sneak in to the victim’s house by posing as a delivery boy before shooting the retired policeman turned candidate for barangay chairman, at point-blank.

Petalio said Chavez, who was identified through the police station’s rogue gallery, was identified by a witness as the one who was looking for Lico shortly before the barangay chairman candidate was shot to death. Lico lost in the recent election but he reportedly filed an electoral protest particularly on the issue of vote buying a few days before he was killed.

The investigation in Lico’s murder however, is also focused on land grabbing issue and not much on the victim’s involvement in politics.

Meanwhile the police also filed criminal complaint last May 22, against Crispin Corpin, one of the suspects in the killing of PO2 Don Carlo Mangui who was shot last May 20 in this city.

“We will continue our follow-up investigation on these killings until we identify and file charges against those involved,” Petalio said. (Nel Andrade)