Petrona Lim and her legacy on education

Published May 27, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Tina Hidalgo Jacinto

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As a wise man once said, “There is only one success—to be able to spend your life in your own way.” Petrona B. Lim has a strong sense of purpose and pride.  She deserves only the best; and with family being the most important thing to her, her children, spearheaded by eldest son, and our dear business-wiz friend, David organized her 90th birthday dance party held at the Grand Ballroom of the Shangri-La at the Fort.  What struck her well-heeled guests that evening was her energy, enthusiasm, and joyfulness, as she led the guests in the dancing, with former vice-president Jejomar Binay, Elenita Binay, Belen Silverio, Mercy Tuason, and others, who danced together in a circle on the dance floor.

The defining quality that marks her strength is going through life loving, sharing, and helping others.  Past president of the Santuario de San Antonio Foundation in Forbes Park, her philanthropy extended to the numerous schools that she has established, the latest of which is the Petrona Bucad Lim building at Luna Central School. When she was younger, Tita Pet’s goal was to build a school in every municipality in the province of Isabela. That dream has since become a reality, with the establishment of 40 schools that she has built, up to the present, and counting. She was also president of the Serra Club in the Philippines, whose mission is to promote priestly and religious vocations.

This Fairy Godmother to the less fortunate has a heart of gold. Most outstanding of Tita Pet’s many attributes is her belief that one of the most important human needs is to learn, develop, and work for that chance of achievement in life. She has continually championed education as being the solution to illiteracy, poverty, and its income opportunity effects. She motivates her employees and sends their children through schooling. To date, Tita Pet has already sponsored 50 scholars.

Truly a dedicated lady, Tita Pet knows how to work and play, as she puts the same amount of passion into her hobby, which is ballroom dancing. Among her many awards is the Papal Award of Dame of St. Sylvester of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.  She is a board member of the Forbes Park Foundation at Santuario de San Antonio, Makati.


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All Nation Women’s Group (ANWG)

The most fulfilling thing in life is to focus on doing something that benefits others.  The All Nation Women’s Group’s influential figureheads led by president Sally Maliuanag, Nonie Basilio, Gov. Baby Ortiz, and Arlene Jacobo organized its 70tth anniversary at the Manila Polo Club Main Lounge. On hand too were Gov. Baby Luat, and adviser and chairperson Malou Beawer.  Its members come from various nations, whose goal is to promote art appreciation and cultural exchanges among their respective countries.

The main program was the awarding and the coronation of ANWG 2018 Choi Irwin Papa, and the three islands: Ms. Luzon, Ma. Maribel Manaois;  Ms Visayas, Audrey Zubiri, wife of senator Migs Zubiri; and Ms. Mindanao, Margareth Steffi Gan Gonzales, Muebles Italiano Noel Gonzales’ daughter-in-law.