‘13 Reasons Why’ likely to be more enigmatic

Netflix released the official trailer of 13 Reasons Why's second season on Monday, and it seemed like the series will be more enigmatic.

(Netflix / YouTube / MANILA BULLETIN) (Netflix / YouTube / MANILA BULLETIN)

The mystery-filled preview of the series began with Dylan Minnette's character Clay Jensen walking through their school hallway to his locker where a polaroid had slipped.

"I feel like this whole thing is gonna be over but it's not," Minnette's character said.

The polaroid had a message on the back which stated: "Hannah wasn't the only one."

Like Jensen, other characters in the series like Jessica (Alisha Boe), Bryce (Justin Prentice), Mr. Davis (Joseph C. Phillips), and Zach (Ross Butler), seemed to have been receiving polaroids and notes from an unknown person.

Last series' main protagonist, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), will also appear in the second season as Jensen's hallucination.

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