B.ZERO1 at the disco

Published May 6, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Tina Hidalgo Jacinto

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Bulgari has maintained the jewelry line of choice among women who exude graceful serenity. It seems to cast a spell of invisible strength, where Bulgari jewels become a part of the wearer, an enchanting spell with its edgy and modern adornment.  The Sage at the Makati Shangri-La got more fashionable than usual with the new exhibition of Bulgari’s latest addition to the B.Zero1 universe—the B.Zero1 Labyrinth. Country manager Mario Katigbak never fails to transport his guests into a world of fantasy, with his unmatched vision and attention to detail. To enter the exclusive Bulgari wonderland, the guests had to pass through a heart-shaped tunnel of mesmerizing blue lights. Inside, the hues of ice cool blue and white dominated the scene, with its stylish white ottomans bathed in blue lights. The large screens and display glass boxes focused on Bella Hadid, the new face of B.Zero1, a ring that celebrates the yearning for consistent self-expression.

Revelers mingled and drank unlimited bubbly and cocktail concoctions while being awed at the different Bulgari jewels on display.  A luxe and savory cocktail buffet spread was crafted by The Sage chef and prepared by another team of chefs, where the flavors were bright and the ingredients top-notch. The unique photo booth was a crowd-pleaser as well as the live band that provided the entertainment.

Making it such a draw for the young generation, the attractive curves in B.Zero1 Labyrinth’s white and rose gold spiral demonstrated the collection’s freedom from set rules or conventions. World- conquering architect Zaha Hadid collaborated with Bulgari and has created micro architecture embodying irresistible magic in B.Zero1 Design Legend collection: three-band ring and pendant in 18kt white gold and pave diamonds, B.Zero1 Design Legend four-band ring in 18kt rose gold, and lastly the three-band ring and pendant in rose gold and pave diamonds.  On display were the cuff earring, two bracelets with a pendant in black or white ceramic and loop earrings intertwined with the iconic spiral in rose gold.