Andi Manzano on being a millennial mom

Published April 21, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Jessica Pag-iwayan

Andi Manzano with Baby Olivia
Andi Manzano with Baby Olivia

We first heard her voice on the air and now, she is considered one of the most popular radio DJs in the country. Andrea Bianca Martin Manzano, or simply Andi Manzano, continues to share snippets of her new chapter in life: mom to her adorable little angel, Olivia or also known online as Baby O.

Andi believes in the power of social media. It gives her the opportunity to correct the misunderstanding that motherhood is so perfect, because of some of the stories that are shared online. It also helps to build a community where mothers can interact with one another.

“In YouTube, you watch the moms, you see how real it gets…. At the same time, you reach other moms as well and it becomes a community of people that help each other, teach each other, give tips, hows to-do’s and all. And I kinda want to share also the experience that we have or how it is really like an everyday life. That’s all about realness,” she shares, which is why this mother-daughter duo has been chosen as one of the influencers of Smart Communications and YouTube partnership.

As a first time mom, Andi also admits that every day is a challenge for her, trying to balance everything. “I think every day is a challenge. Like real challenge, because it’s like trying to balance everything like motherhood and all that, even being a wife. So I think the challenges are everyday challenges. Pero you know, kaya naman.”

Favorite bonding time

On her blog videos, Andi and Baby O are known for  their authentic and endearing content they create together. She also reveals that their favorite bonding activity as a family is whenever they are traveling. This helps them get to know each other more ,  even making her relationship with her husband, GP Reyes, stronger.

“Because it’s just the three of us in an unknown country and that’s when you really discover each oneself. I mean, when we travel, we get to teach her even at such a young age. Parang she already knows what the Eiffel Tower is, and sometimes she tries to speak in Japanese. And I think it helps us also as a couple and to bond as a family,” she explained.

Tips for moms

When asked for a message to share to all the mothers, Andi wants them to know and realize that they’re not alone in this and it’s normal to have self-doubts along the way.

“Whatever you’re going through hardships or not. If you fear that your child is terrible and you don’t know what to feed to your child, and if you’re doing the right thing. Di ba all of us have doubts naman? Just know that you’re not alone in motherhood. The online community right now is very helpful when reaching out to other moms,” she ended.


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