Sandwich and the 20-year ‘Glow’

Published April 19, 2018, 8:51 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 


It was good from get-go the night alternative/rock band Sandwich kicked off celebrations for their 20th anniversary. Members Raimund Marasigan, drummer Mike Dizon, bassist Myrene Academia, guitarists Diego Castillo and Mong Alcaraz were in modern rock mode and looked good (for a 20-year old band) as they ripped through a set that includes their biggest songs.

Sandwich (

Everything was done right. First, the ambiance in the venue felt like a proper pop/rock concert. Sandwich merchandise like T-shirts, posters and even guitars were on display and actually making cash register sing. Second, concert organizer and promoter Eric Perpetua, station manager of partner FM station Jam 88.3, pointed out to Bulletin Entertainment that they “totally went overboard with the set-up.” Adding “that’s a full band set-up with all the stage trimmings put up end-to-end. You don’t usually see that done locally.” Indeed, the two-stage rig looked impressive.

Then there was the actual show, which started with a drum solo. It was Mike’s way of telling everybody at the jampacked Metrotent Convention Center that the party was underway. His gigantic sounding drum smacks led to the opening song “2 Trick Pony” which drove their loyal listeners wild.

Then raising it up a notch, Sandwich fired off their first-ever hit in “Butterfly Carnival.” It was sing-along time onwards as “Walang Kadala Dala” followed suit.

Raimund’s first few words on the milestone was in jest. “So it’s been twenty years… feels like nineteen.” He then reminisced about the good ol’ days.

The audience indulged him, of course, seeing what he’s accomplished with this band, or his previous one, and all the other groups he’s been with. Raimund eventually segued into asking Sandwich’s audience to do away with their smart devices and to just enjoy the show unencumbered. He said lightly, “We’re good, we’re covered. We have friends (video) recording the show, same day edit pa! So let’s just enjoy.”

As expected, the band combed through fan favorites “DVD X,” “Selos,” “Procrastinator,” “Sunburn,” and more. These have aged well and still rock when played live.

Hearing them in the context that considerable time may have already gone, yet they still sound good, that truly impresses On that note, the lyrics “sa Jingle magasin natutong mag-gitara” from “Betamax” sounded all the more personal. Many of us have this secret fantasy of strapping on our guitars and just make our rock and roll dreams come true even for just one day. But here’s Sandwich doing it as their full-time job for decades now.

Besides the hits, Sandwich injected their set with lesser known cuts from their catalog. Their latest single “Time Lapse” made its mark and fitted quite well in the 20-song setlist. But the night’s memorable moment was the “stage-swap” stunt the band did for their encore where they played with punk fervor “Takbo” and “Rambol.”

That, alongside Raimund’s insta-mosh pit moment, was quite the punctuation for the band’s special night.

Looks like the band could do another 20. Padayon.

“Under The Glow Of The Satellite: A 20th Anniversary Concert” is partnered with Jam 88.3, in collaboration with Soupstar, The Grey Market, Ditto, and Team Manila.