Audio Junkie: Sarah Geronimo, song curator

Published April 13, 2018, 10:43 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Exciting news for those who keep close tabs on Sarah Geronimo. No, it’s not the hubbub about her love life or where she went on vacation, or who she was with during, and other similar “nonsense.” Rather, it’s about he just released album “This 15 Me.”

Sarah Geronimo (
Sarah Geronimo

The set marks Geronimo’s decade-and-a-half tenure in show business. Since her debut, she has released 13 studio albums (not counting the live releases and compilations). As a listener whose business is to appreciate (and dissect maybe), those in the business of making records, I can say that Geronimo’s most important albums are her past three albums. Now everyone has their favorite. And before any fan out there calls me out, let me remind them this is my personal opinion.

It’s just my belief that 2013’s “Expressions,” 2014’s “Perfectly Imperfect,” and 2015’s “The Great Unknown” were important milestones for SG as a recording artist. Those records established Geronimo as a savvy curator of songs. While she may not write much, she sure knows how to pick a mean tune. Case in point, hits as “Tala,” “Ikot Ikot,” “May Minamahal,” “The Great Unknown,” “Tayo,” and such.

It’s the same with “This 15 Me.” SG had quite the task of sifting through close to a hundred original songs from various songwriters before settling on the 10 (eleven, if one will count the interlude) that make up the collection.

It starts with “Sandata,” an EDM-flavored track that kept pace with SG’s recent leanings with electronic-tinged pop. The track is written by a fave SG collaborator of late, Nica Del Rosario. The latter contributed three other songs here, including the future bass tinged sounds of “Tagu-Taguan” featuring J. Makata. And alt-pop hued “Hingang Malalim” and the acoustic flavored ballad, “Ganito.”

“This 15 Me” reflects the current and varied musical leanings of Geronimo. There’s “Baka Sakali” which is tuneful R&B pop. While “Dahilan” verges on chill, sophisti-pop and neo soul. Both are written by singer-songwriter Jeric Medina. Then there’s “Duyan,” a left turn into the old-school sound of soul which just fits SG’s voice. This track is written by the familiar songwriting duo of Thyro & Yumi. Likewise, “My Love” written by Yosha Honasan (who also did vocal supervision for SG on this record) sounds more contemporary.

“Feels Good” by newcomer Ruth Anne Mendoza leans a bit into lounge. And completing the set is the straight pop goodness of “This Gotta Be Love” composed by Mark Villar.

Besides stylistic taste, song theme is important for SG. One can deduce where her head’s at based on the lyrics she sings. But that we’ll leave up to the listeners to decipher. But suffice to say her singing here throughout is superb and it doesn’t take too many listens to like these new songs.