11 mayors yield inherited firearms to JTF Ranao

Published April 10, 2018, 3:53 PM

by Patrick Garcia

By Bonita Ermac

MADALUM, Lanao del Sur – The mayor of 11 municipalities in Lanao del Sur turned over to Joint Task Force Ranao high powered loose firearms, most of which they claimed were inherited from their elders, during the Araw ng Kagitingan festivities at the Sarustan gym here, Monday.

Madalum, Lanao del Sur (Photo via Wikipedia/ Manila Bulletin)
Madalum, Lanao del Sur (Photo via Wikipedia/ Manila Bulletin)

The chief executives from the towns of Madalum, Madamba, Ganassi, Lumbatan, Binidayan, Calanogas, Balindong, Pagayawan, Tugaya, and Bayang turned over a total of 131 firearms, while the mayor of Saguiaran yielded 32.

Sultan Usman Sarangani, former mayor of Madalum said that, for Maranaos, owning a firearm was a status symbol that proves his capability to defend himself against rido, or family feuds, and also against crimes.

Madamba Mayor Dagoroan A. Mindalano turned over his vintage Thompson submachine gun. “Since naging mayor ako in 1992 up to present that is the firearm I have been keeping to protect me,” he said.

The mayor said he inherited the firearm from his uncle, former congressman Amir Manalao Mindalano, who was a guerilla commander in Lanao del Sur who fought against the Japanese.

“Binigay iyan sa mga Amerikano sa kanya, ginamit niya sa pakipaglaban sa mga Hapon (It was given to him by the Americans to fight the Japanese)”, he told the Manila Bulletin.

And being a heirloom, whoever succeeded Mindalano as head of the family was given the privilege of owning the gun.

Madamba town is one of the most peaceful municipalities in Lanao del Sur where there has been no report of family feuds of any form, Mindalano said.

Meanwhile, Major General Roseller G. Murillo, 1st Infantry Division Commander, Philippine Army acknowlegded the efforts of the constituents of the municipalities in turning over their firearms.