WATCH: Katy Perry meets Pinoy impersonator Katy Perya

Published April 4, 2018, 12:12 PM

by Lee C. Chipongian

Katy Perry finally met Filipino impersonator Katy Perya during her “Witness: The Tour” concert in Manila and her reaction was priceless.

In the video, the American pop star asked for the impersonator’s name. “What’s your name?”.

“Hello, my name is Katy Perya. I’m your best impersonator in the Philippines,” Perya answered.

“Katy Perya?” the singer asked.

“Yes, Perya. It means carnival in the Philippines,” Perya said.

Perry then watched the vlogs of the Filipino impersonator and was shocked.

“OMG. Why don’t you just travel with me so you can do the show?” the singer said.

Perya was surprised about what he heard and told Perry that she can do it for free.

“My God. For free?!” Perry asked.

“Yeah, for free,” the Filipino answered.

Perry continued watching the videos and asked Perya if they met before.

“No, this is the first time I’ve met you”.

“YAAAAS. Oh my gosh. Bon Appetit. I love you so much!” the singer said.

“Thank you so much Katy! You’re such a legend. You’re a goddess. You’re an inspiration,” the Filipino responded.

“You are too!” Perry answered.

The impersonator then asked Perry for a selfie before saying goodbye to her idol.

(Lady Gagita/ Facebook)
(Lady Gagita/ Facebook)