Keep cool and move on

Published March 30, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Kim Reyes-Palanca

@kimpalanca on Instagram


For us living in perennially hot and humid weather, the search for a lightweight, comfortable moisturizer is never-ending, especially now that summer is upon us. We shouldn’t be easily swayed by moisturizers (or skin care, in general) that promise to be non-heavy and non-sticky. Whether you are in hot or cold weather, one thing remains—skin will only stay healthy if it is properly hydrated. Hydration is the secret to healthy, youthful, glowing skin. It all boils down to formula, not just texture.

Cooling wonder. The La Mer Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream's water-fresh formula drenches skin with bursts of cooling and calming freshness that deliver deep, healing moisture
Cooling wonder. The La Mer Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream’s water-fresh formula drenches skin with bursts of cooling and calming freshness that deliver deep, healing moisture

Water- or gel-based products need to address skin’s need to be deeply hydrated, as well as to maintain hydration levels throughout the day. Aside from a light texture, the formula should be able to deliver moisturization that preserves and protects the integrity of the skin. “At La Mer, our goal is to always offer the benefits of our legendary Crème de la Mer via different texture forms to suit our consumers’ preferences. The original Moisturizing Cream was created as a lightweight, refreshing texture especially suited to hot and humid climates,” explains Robin Shandler, La Mer VP for product development. “However, as consumers’ needs and preferences evolved, we upgraded the formula with new technology to provide even longer-lasting moisturization, while keeping the beloved lightweight texture.”

La Mer recommends a powerful and protective moisture wardrobe by including its latest cooling wonder, Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream (30ml, P9,700), to your regimen. It uses micro moisture technology, harnessing micro gel oil capsules to create millions of micro droplets of their patented, anti-inflammatory Miracle Broth onto skin. The formula is built to be cooling at the moment of skin contact, with the cooling and calming effect lasting up to three minutes.

Shandler adds, “The greatest challenge was straddling the need for an amazing-feeling texture with an ability to heal dryness. The result is the La Mer paradox—a super lightweight feel that delivers deep moisture.” Cooling kelp and the original sea kelp, with the addition of antioxidant Lime Tea Concentrate, help defend skin from environmental stressors. These ingredients, powered by the Miracle Broth spheres, deliver bursts of cooling freshness and deep healing moisture.


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