Google offers ‘cloud platform’ for energy efficiency

Published March 24, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Myrna M. Velasco

Houston/Silicon Valley – Google Cloud is offering its machine learning and data analytics platforms to companies and entities globally that are pursuing energy efficiency initiatives as well as in managing inventories.

And for the oil and gas sector, the company noted that its recently up and running Google Cloud AutoML (automatic machine learning) could be a practical solution in detecting how equipment like drilling rigs are performing underneath, due to images recognition built into the system.

Diane Greene, chief executive officer of Google Cloud, has noted that machine learning technologies in cloud computing would be best-fitted in business spheres wherein there would be massive data that shall be processed, examined and analyzed to aid companies or even governments in improving their services to customers; that in turn could also shore up financial performance.

“What machine learning does is, it takes a lot of data… it can process a lot more data than a human being. And it keeps getting smarter with more data it gets. It doesn’t die and it just gets retrained and it keeps going,” she said when asked on the capabilities of cloud computing that would not be as feasible if only done with human skills.

Data analytics on energy efficiency, and the inventories of companies are the business realms seen ideal to be placed “on the cloud” or the shared computing services that is now flourishing across industries – given the extent of data and the deep-level algorithms to be drawn up for such domains.

“We can take more data than a human could synthesize, and it could produce with the less energy and it could find all the right settings for any given input for what deep level algorithm shall be there to do that,” Greene said.

And to boost the capability of machine learning technologies, she noted that artificial intelligence (AI) is also being injected into the platforms, “to make them easier to use and to enable program application interphases.”

Google is considerably a latecomer in the “cloud computing” field, it had been behind for seven years compared to the major competitor it has on this arena.

But Greene noted they are fast catching up on the services they can offer to companies and customers; and Google also employs top tier game plan when it comes to providing security to end-users.

“The other interesting thing about the cloud is how secure it can be because of the scale. So we invest about US$10 billion a year in capex (capital expenditure) in our cloud.  Google is definitely secure, we run about seven applications for our over a billion active users,” Greene stressed.