Need a quick charge? Here’s a Batt2Go for you

Published March 18, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Jonathan Castillo

TechNews Editor Arturo Samaniego Jr. (third from right) with Lance Sengia; Rosario Lim; Ernest Pua; Rissa Lim; and Paolo Lim.
TechNews Editor Arturo Samaniego Jr. (third from right) with Lance Sengia; Rosario Lim; Ernest Pua; Rissa Lim; and Paolo Lim.

As people run out of battery all the time, powerbanks have become reliable and life-saving necessities of the digital life. The extra weight, size, and the effort of bringing cables are seen worth it as long as people can continue using their phones – and with good reason – while on the road.w3

But what if there’s a simple solution? Something that takes away bringing extra cables and the additional weight you’re carrying? That’s where Batt2Go comes in. They are small “emergency powerbanks” that require no wires and portable.

Batt2Go are small “emergency powerbanks” that you can buy for a low cost. There are two versions of the Batt2Go, the disposables ones that cost P199 and the rechargeable versions for P399, which are iPhone exclusive for now. Each of these emergency powerbanks contain 1500mAh, which is half of most smartphones these days.

The idea behind Batt2Go’s emergency powerbank is to allow you to charge without hassle during events. If you attend music festivals or conventions, instead of having a big powerbank with wires, you can just grab a Batt2Go and attach it to your Android or iPhone device.

You can purchase one or two Batt2Gos and leave them in your bag and just forget about them until you urgently need to charge your device. The team behind Batt2Go assures that these emergency powerbanks can last up to five years.

PILLS, the company behind Batt2Go is composed of five third-year entrepreneur students from De La Salle University. As part of their practicum, they need to come up with a business that “A product that can bring convenience to every smartphone user.”

Considering Batt2Go is disposable, PILLS will have a program in which they could ask their customers to dispose the discharged Batt2Go in recyclable bins should the product be launched nationwide.

According to PILLS, they have contacted an e-waste company where they could sell the discharged Batt2Go products. The money they will earn from the e-waste company will be donated to a non-profit organization.

In the long run, PILLS hopes to Batt2Go products will not only be available in bazaars, music festivals, or concerts, but also in convenient stores where you can buy one and still be on your way.

Right now you can purchase Batt2Go through Shopee. You can also scan the QR code to check out Batt2Go’s official Facebook.