Nightmare taxi ride

Published March 16, 2018, 7:19 PM

by Roel Tibay

By MB Online

Taxicabs here in the Philippines have always had a notorious reputation among foreigners for their many gimmicks and poor service.

(photo by pixabay)
(photo by pixabay)

Vlogger Haley Dasovich shares her encounter with an airport taxi driver while is on her way to Rockwell Center.

The vlogger boards a white taxicab and at first the long-haired driver seems to be very friendly to her.

But first impressions, don’t always last. Although at first the driver tries to get on her good side by offering to teach her Tagalog words, for a hefty price of $1 per word, the conversation quickly turns into a heated debate.

Dasovich notices that the driver failed to activate the taxi meter to indicate how much her fare should be.

As soon as she poins this out, the driver goes on the defensive, and even offers a fix rate or locally known as “kontrata” of P500 for the whole fare which most probably wouldn’t cost that much.

Dasovich however tells the driver: “I won’t do this with you…I will give you a tip though.”

Realizing that the vlogger won’t give in, the taxi driver instead tells her a sob story to explain why he acted that way.

He claims that he was queueing for two hours before Dasovich got in his cab. He explains further that those who queued at the said taxi stand, expect “good customers” (which probably means those who give a big tip) and not those who want to ride a cheap taxi.

The cab driver tells her that taxi drivers like him do her a favor since she should either get a TNVS or ride the yellow taxis which charge fare via the meter.

In the end, Dasovich just pans out and stops listening to the driver whining. In her video she goes on narrating that these kinds of situations happen to her whenever she hails a cab and goes on recommending that “out-of-towners” get a Grab or Uber instead and never ride a taxi.