Flexible and wider surveillance with the 360 Smart Camera

Published February 25, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Brian N. Yalung

Surveillance cameras can make a big difference in commercial and residential places, especially against theft and monitoring daily routines. There is an abundance of security cameras available in the market, each carrying different features and specs.

For the wise buyer, it would be best to get a camera that can capture images and videos of a particular area via wider scope. The 360 Smart Camera is a flexible surveillance camera that can be easily installed anywhere.

Recommended Installation

Ideally, the 360 Smart Camera would be perfect for placement on ceilings or walls. However, it is recommended that the planned surface of installation is three-times the weight of the camera. The reason here is to avoid potential drops or falls that could eventually result in damage to the unit.

Wider views and capture

Once properly installed, the 360 Smart Camera should be good to go. It is pretty flexible thanks to the pan-tilt control that gives users the ability to rotate it either horizontally or vertically. It has a horizontal visual angle range of 360-degrees and vertical angle range of 260-degrees.

The camera also boasts of HD Infrared Night Vision, meaning it should be equally reliable during the night. The device can be easily managed through any mobile device. The 360 Smart app that can be downloaded on any mobile device after which all one has to do is register for secure access to the camera.

There is no escape from the 360 Smart Camera

Aside from taking high definition at 1080p (1920×1080) photos and videos, the 360 Smart Camera also comes with a motion detection and an auto cruise feature.

The built-in motion detection function automatically captures and tracks objects that pass through it, eventually sending a notification to connected mobile devices via the app.

The auto cruise feature works more as a bookmark. This feature pays more attention to spots collected via the intelligent panoramic cruise, meaning tighter monitoring to these areas.

The Smart 360 Camera is pretty flexible and easy to use, a wise device to add to a safer home.

You can, of course, use the 360 Smart Camera is more ways than simply prevent theft. You can set up the 360 Smart Camera to keep watch of what’s happening outdoors. You can also use it indoors to track what’s happening inside your own home, if your kids arrived on time, if they have been up too late watching TV, or if the dog has been secretly stealing cookies from the jar. It should be noted that installing one camera is good. But it won’t be enough to monitor the entire perimeter. It is recommended to have multple cameras installed in hard-to-reach places so that no one can simply tamper with them.

Whether they should be visible or not can be debated. Though some say that visibility is enough to thwart theft.