Sea-based engineers, healthcare professionals highest paid OFWs

Published January 25, 2018, 11:07 AM

by Nida Ramos-Oribiana

By Madelaine Miraflor 

Overseas job portal said the highest-paying specializations in 2017—earning as much as P99,000 a month—are sea-based engineers, healthcare professionals, land-based engineers, and IT professionals.

Credit: Flickr / MANILA BULLETIN
Credit: Flickr / MANILA BULLETIN

According to an annual report by, a ship master in the US can potentially earn P99,000 a month, while a chief engineer can earn P96,000 monthly.

Meanwhile, land-based engineers that are in-demand in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific can earn a monthly salary of P57,000 and P59,000, respectively.

Healthcare professionals, on the other hand, are well-compensated in the Middle East. Among doctors, those who specialize in pediatric care can earn as much as P86,000 a month; nurses can earn P65,000, while veterinarians can earn P58,000.

IT professionals are also highly paid in Asia-Pacific; those with zero to 4 years of experience can already earn as much as P54,000.