Samsung's Galaxy Note10 Lite offers a lot for the generation of go-getters

Many of today’s millennials are budding multi-hyphenates. They juggle multiple things at once while they actively pursue their passions. Their 9-5 desk jobs don’t stop them from being content creators, travel enthusiasts, and young entrepreneurs on the side. They are ambitious and only aspire for the best things life has to offer, whether it be for leisure or productivity.

Samsung said that they are enabling "these go-getters to stand out and achieve more with a powerful smartphone that is within their reach."

Just like its bigger brothers, the Galaxy Note10 Lite features the Bluetooth-enabled S Pen. During class or meetings, users can take down notes by writing directly on the screen, which Text Export will transform into a digital text format that they can copy, paste, and share. Flashes of inspiration can now also be immortalized, as Screen Off Memo lets users write on the display even without having to unlock it.

This revolutionary tool also serves as the smartphone’s remote control. With a simple tap of the button, photos can be taken and browsed, music can be played or paused, without having to touch the phone’s screen.

Upgrade mobile photography with Galaxy Note10 Lite’s multi-camera system. Content creators can shoot studio-quality photos from three perspectives, using the smartphone’s 12MP Ultra-Wide, Wide-Angle, and Telephoto lenses with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). The Live Focus feature also adds an artistic bokeh blur and other stunning custom filters to photos.

Produce hi-motion videos with the Super Steady mode, which stabilizes action shots so they become smoother. Polishing footage is also easier with the all-in-one editing suite, which lets transitions or subtitles be inserted, and the video speed adjusted. The S Pen can also add 3D sketches with AR Doodle.

These features are augmented by an impressive 10nm processor that offers up to 8GB of RAM, promising high-speed performance that can keep up with multi-taskers. The smartphone also comes with a high-capacity 128GB internal memory, which is expandable up to 1TB, so more precious photos and videos may be stored. Moreover, the device is equipped with a massive 4,500 mAh battery life so even the busiest individual can stay connected all day without interruptions. The super-fast charging feature also saves them from long charging breaks by offering full power in just one hour.

Samsung promises the Note10 Lite will offer flagship-quality viewing experience with the 6.7” Infinity O-Display. It offers a massive screen and near bezel-less body, allowing for a flagship-grade viewing experience. Whether they’re ticking off an item off their checklist, streaming a movie, or playing the latest mobile games, users can immerse themselves in the content they love with zero interruptions.