Small changes for a healthier 2023

We may not feel exhausted because our minds are strong. Chronic stress, however, will take its toll on our body.

Healthy in 2023

Exercise and nutrition go a long way.

Giving hope to people with diabetes

Glufarelin supports diabetes control from the cellular level and deeply solves the root cause of Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes safely and naturally without causing any harm to the body.

What is your skin quality?

Skin quality matters in a person’s overall wellbeing as it affects confidence, attractiveness, and how one interacts with other people.

Prioritizing health may support vaccine response

Believe it or not, your state of health impacts your body’s response to the vaccine.

The right way to exercise for a healthy heart

A sedentary lifestyle puts you at a major risk.

Your recipe for longevity

How to age well.

Age slower, live longer

On telomeres and aging.

Panelo proves he's not an old cow with 41 push-ups on-the-spot

Despite his age, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo was able to do 41 push-ups in a relief distribution activity in Malate, Manila last week.

Fitness habits to pick up now

Here are some tips in keeping healthy and active in a world without gyms, and without all the time lockdown gave us.

Pandemic no excuse for not getting enough exercise – WHO

The UN health agency stressed that exercise was vital to physical and mental health, while sedentary behavior can have serious repercussions.

At 39 years old, here's how Song Hye Kyo keeps her youthful glow

Known for her dewy skin, she is rarely seen with heavy makeup and lets her natural beauty shine through

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Here's how you can help your kids reach their full potential height.

What’s the secret to long life?

Lessons in living longer.

Diabetes increases the risk for severe symptoms of COVID-19

What you should do to keep your blood sugar at bay.