Bokashi practitioner shares some helpful composting tips for home growers 

Bokashi is a Japanese word that translates to ‘fermented organic matter.’ This type of composting is an odorless, space-efficient, and faster means of turning kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost.

Composting provides unexpected benefits to dairy farms in New Zealand

Research in New Zealand determined the feasibility of using composting shelters to house cows, a practice becoming popular among smallholder farmers.

Giving Valentine's day flowers a new purpose through compost

Like many relationships, the flowers given on Valentine's day will not last forever. Around this time, many of the flowers given during Valentine's Day last February 14 start to wither and die. However, there are ways to keep them from ending up in dumpsites, such as giving them a new purpose through compost.

Villar: Soil matters in agricultural growth, environment sustainability

Healthy soils are the foundation of habitats of living beings. They lay the groundwork, so to speak, in producing food, clean water, and other needs of life on earth. But in the last decade, deterioration and degradation of soil have been a cause of concern and even alarm, since it threatens food security and the sustainability of the environment.