Introducing the real Enteng and Joey from the song ‘Spoliarium’

By now you know that, after 24 years, Philippines pop rock icon Ely Buendia has finally revealed the true story behind the song “Spoliarium” in the recent podcast episode of “Wake Up With Jim & Saab.” 

Ely told Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona that “Spoliarium” is really just about a drinking session over Goldschläger, referred to as “gintong alak” in the lyrics of the song.

The controversial song has, time and again, been linked to the rape case of ‘80s sexy star Pepsi Paloma. Written in the latter part of the lyrics, after all, are the names Enteng and Joey, which people have been theorizing to refer to TV hosts Vic “Enteng” Sotto and Joey de Leon, who were the suspects in the Paloma case.

Joey (second to the left) and Enteng (first from right) with fellow road manager Gary Alvarado and Eraserheads members Buddy Zabala and Ely Buendia. (Photo courtesy of Joey Navera)

The Eraserheads vocalist disclosed that Enteng and Joey were rodies they had for the band back then. Coincidently, these guys who set up instruments before the band plays have the same names as the comedian celebrities. “They were roadies... But you know, whatever people wanna think about that song it’s fine. That’s the beauty of it. Are you disappointed?... Pero pustahan tayo kahit sinabi ko na yan (I bet, even though I’ve clarified this), the myth will still go on.”

But not anymore, because Manila Bulletin Lifestyle is also about to bust that myth! We found the real Enteng and Joey from videos uploaded a year ago by schizo 102. Drum roll! Presenting...

Vincent ‘Enteng’ Villasanta

When Vincent “Enteng” Villasanta was interviewed in the video regarding his “Spoliarium” story, his answer confirmed Ely’s words. “Kahit na matagal na yon, naalala ko parin kapag gumuguhit yung alak sa lalamunan, (Even it was a long time ago, I can still remember the liquor running down my throat),” he recalls.

But during that drinking session, Enteng shared to Manila Bulletin Lifestyle that he remembers writing something on the venue’s sliding glass doors using watercolor. Hence, the song lyrics: ‘Anong sinulat ni Enteng at Joey diyan sa pintong salamin?

For the former sound technician of the Eraserheads, it’s their responsibility now to clear things out regarding the truth behind the lyrics. He strongly attests that the urban legend is definitely not true.

Vincent 'Enteng' Villasanta (first person on the left) with the Eheads (Photo courtesy of Vincent Villasanta)
Enteng (center bottom, wearing shades and a blue jacket) joins a group photo with Eheads vocalist Ely Buendia (Photo courstesy of Vincent Villasanta)

Before the lockdown in 2020, Enteng was a vocalist of a band called The Erase YerHead. Yes, you read it right, it is not misspelled. According to Enteng’s bandmate Karlo Papa, the band name was given by singer-songwriter Clem Castro of Orange and Lemons, for which they also used to be roadies. They would do front acts for Orange and Lemons at the ‘70s Bistro, the bar where the Eheads used to perform too during the ‘90s.  

When the community quarantine was implemented, the vocalist went back to his hometown in Quezon. He now does farming. “I like the feeling that I get from farming. But I will go back to my old job when everything is okay. Because it is something I started that I feel obligated to do. Just like now, I’m obligated to tell the truth about the song so other personalities won’t get involved,” Enteng said in Filipino.

Joey Cowpunk Navera

Joey, on the other hand, introduced himself in the video before telling his “Spoliarium” story. With all humility, he confirmed to Manila Bulletin Lifestyle that he was the one who did the design of the cover, layout, and icons of the award-winning “Cutterpillow” album. If you doubt it, check the album to verify.

From the album 'Cutterpillow'

The designer wants to give credit to the late rapper icon Francis Magalona, who helped him with the jellyfish cover. “He downloaded that from the internet, but I had to magically enhance it and add appendages and colors,” he says.

Ely Buendia does a wacky pose with Joey Navera (Photo courstesy of Joey Navera)

According to Joey, they call him “OverTech” because he does some MacGyver stuff other than just doing album covers. “During my rock n roll days with the Eheads I fixed/tuned their guitars/amp/mics before every gig. I doubled as crew/band driver and occasional bouncer and secret posse. I also fixed their cars when they broke down,” he said. “I also serve as driver for their girlfriends when needed (laughs).”

Known for his alias, Cowpunk, Joey is currently doing car designs in California, USA. His works are uploaded in his IG account Cowpunk Design. He’s also now doing a refreshed look on the album’s icon like the fly with an Armalite, which he printed on T-shirts that are for sale.

As for his “Spoliarium” story, Joey confirms that it was really just about a drinking session that lasted until the wee hours of the day. “That’s why Ely is referring to ‘umiikot ang mundokasi nahihilo na kami sa sobrang lasing... They should stop about that Pepsi Paloma sh*t,” he says in the video.

“And then, I did a painting on one of the walls in the house where we were drinking, I used some lipstick to paint something. Ako yun nagpakana (I started it), it was me, it wasn’t Vic Sotto or Joey de Leon,” the artist clarifies.

So there you have it! Believe it or just believe it! It’s not about the rape case of Pepsi Paloma. And definitely not about Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon. So don’t let Ely win the bet!