Creating beautiful spaces with AllHome: A mother-daughter design challenge

It was a fun, inspiring match of creativity and style!


Renowned TV host Toni Gonzaga and her Mommy Pinty took on an exciting design challenge that not only allowed them to create beautiful spaces but also showcased just how much they know about each other’s tastes and preferences. Feeling right at home at AllHome, their favorite one-stop shop for their home needs, the mother and daughter tandem enjoyed an afternoon of browsing shelves, spotting great finds, and designing spaces for each other.

Watch it here:

What makes this challenge fun and easy is the fact that AllHome is a modern day mecca for all your home needs. Whatever they needed, they found it all there as AllHome features a vast array of hardware, construction materials, tiles and sanitary wares, furniture, appliances, linens, homewares, and more. Its extensive selection surely tested its flair for design.

What’s also great about AllHome is that service is impeccable! As Toni and Mommy Pinty themselves have seen, assistants are knowledgeable and helpful, always ready to give you a hand.

To make it an even more convenient, hassle-free experience, both Toni and Mommy Pinty chose the main furniture through AllHome’s online store where one can easily check out new items and exclusive offers, and shop to your heart’s content wherever you are.

Toni's creation: Victorian-style entertainment room

In creating an entertainment room for Mommy Pinty, Toni considered her tastes.

Toni shared that growing up, their mom loved sprucing up their home. In fact, she would often bring them along to department stores, where she would browse for furniture and fixtures. Even today, Mommy Pinty is inclined towards “Victorian style”, according to Toni.


Victorian design is known for its attention to detail, intricate patterns, rich colors, and a sense of grandeur. It often incorporates elements like ornamental moldings, elaborate carvings, textured wallpapers, plush fabrics, and opulent furniture. Essentially, a Victorian style design aims to create a lavish and sophisticated ambiance, evoking a sense of elegance and nostalgia.

This is why Toni incorporated earth tones and wood. She explained that Mommy Pinty loves having wood because it easily lends elegance and sophistication to any space. Then she added trinkets and fixtures to make the space more relaxing, cozier, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Among Toni’s favorite picks were: Kreativ Stella Center Table, Abode Pieces Lache Sectional Sofa, and Iceh I TV Cabinet.

Mommy Pinty’s design: Modern contemporary kitchen and dining

Creating a kitchen and dining area for Toni was easy peasy for Mommy Pinty who shared that they both have the same taste in design. The only difference is that Toni, she explained, also loves modern contemporary design, which she blends with Victorian style. This had become apparent after Toni got married and started building her own nest.

Modern contemporary is a style that emphasizes open spaces, natural light, and a minimalist aesthetic. It often features a neutral color palette with bold pops of color or contrasting elements, as well as furniture characterized by clean, geometric shapes and smooth surfaces in order to create a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere.

In keeping with these sensibilities, Mommy Pinty chose her pieces well. Among her picks were: Ozella I Dining Table, Slique Elements four-piece dinnerware, and Tramontina Copacabana 24-piece set.

The verdict

It’s clearly a win-win for Toni and Mommy Pinty who created spaces that both of them liked.

But more than the fun of the design challenge, there’s really nothing quite like the feeling of getting to spend some quality time with your mom or your daughter despite your busy schedule and lifestyle. As Toni had put it, not everyone has the opportunity to go to the mall, eat out, and spend a beautiful, cherished bonding moment with a loved one, just like what she shared with her mom at AllHome.

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