Uncovering your child’s digital potential and Nullspace

This newly opened spot can help you fulfill this objective

One of the perennial problems of parents when summer time comes around, is what to enroll the children in, so it doesn’t become two to three months of idleness and mental stagnation. The more traditional avenues through the past decades have centered on the arts and music, mathematics, crafts, or sports. Bennieson Co has now established a franchise of the Singapore-based enrichment center Nullspace here in Manila, and their unique value proposition is to offer robotics and coding programs for children.

Nullspace Uptown Mall, BGC

It’s proven to be very popular in Singapore, and Bennie has set up the first Nullspace at the Uptown Mall at BGC, with a second branch at Vertis North set to open in August. Modules on Lego Robotics and Minecraft Education are the initial programs that Nullspace will offer. I see them as welcome additions to what a parent can explore for their children, and unleashing their potential in fields that our own DICT (Department of Information and Communication Technology) is endorsing and very excited about.

Bennieson Co of Nullspace PH

During the launch of the Uptown location, DICT Asst Sec. Jeffrey Ian Dy was one of the guest speakers, and he was enthusiastic about how Nullspace is the private sector helping Filipino children gain the tools to make a stronger impact in this field of Technology—and thereby, promote STEM Education. For DICT, coding is one of the building blocks of AI (artificial intelligence). And today, we’re immersed in the growing popularity of Chatbots and AI applications. The sooner our children adapt and become adept, the better equipped they’ll be for their future.

Valenzuela Mayor Wesley Gatchalian graced the launch as he has contracted Bennie and Nullspace to offer their modules in his locality, having earmarked a select group of public school children from his LGU (Local Government Unit) to be given this opportunity to upgrade their Science skills. As Benny elaborated, this is something that Nullspace hopes to develop in time, having direct contact with schools and academic institutions in order to augment their STEM offerings and range of subject matter.

Valenzuela Mayor Wesley Gatchalian, with DICT Asst Sec Jeffrey Ian Dy in the foreground.

Mayor Gatchalian is well aware of the fact that not all schools, much less public schools, will have the advantage of having regular robotics or coding facilities and offer classes in their curriculum. But if there’s a way for the LGU to engage with centers such as Nullspace, and embark on programs that may help future-proof the more sciences-inclined children of his municipality, then he’s ready to support that, and push for Valenzuela to be one of the Education centers of the NCR (National Capital Region).

As Bennie explained, during the summer, they’ll be offering two daily sessions in the afternoons, and they’ll find a way to continue this in the early evenings when regular classes resume. The ideal age range for Nullspace kids is between 9 to 14 years old. And what Nullspace plans to do is assess the children who are being enrolled.

The idea behind this is that Nullspace wants children who are genuinely interested and prove to have the aptitude. It doesn’t benefit any of the parties concerned if the child is being force-fed the program by his or her parents. I presumed that the child will be more of a burden for the center, and it’ll be a waste of time and money.

The Robotics table

Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano joined the group when it was time to cut the ribbon at the Uptown Mall location. Nullspace occupies 70 square meters on the cinema floor of the mall, and is equipped in a manner that replicates the Nullspace you’ll find in Singapore. There, it has become a popular “clubhouse” or hangout place for like-minded children who are eager to explore this world of robotics and coding. They’re enjoying themselves, throwing energy into pursuits that they are passionate about, and acquiring skills that may well be developed further, and prove to be valuable assets in their career and future.

For more information, follow NullspacePH IG and Nullspace Robotics PH Facebook page.