Level up your online presence with AI

GoDaddy Studio's Instant Video, the ultimate content creation hub for entrepreneurs

At a glance

  • GoDaddy has introduced "Instant Video," an AI-powered feature in the GoDaddy Studio app. It helps small business owners and content creators create professional-quality videos without added costs, making content creation easier and more accessible.

  • GoDaddy Studio offers entrepreneurs thousands of templates to create content for websites, social media, marketing, and more.

  • GoDaddy Studio offers users the ability to purchase domain names within the app. Users also receive a free version of Website Builder with the option to upgrade to a matching email address. Pro users gain access to a wealth of stock photos, videos, licensed music, pre-designed transitions, and brand elements, enabling them to create standout social media content.

Attention small business owners or content creators!  If you want to level up your online presence without breaking the bank, GoDaddy just introduced "Instant Video", an AI-powered feature in the GoDaddy Studio app.  As a company known for helping entrepreneurs thrive, this feature is designed to make content creation a breeze for small business owners.

GoDaddy Studio is a one-stop-shop for all creative needs.  Entrepreneurs will be presented with thousands of templates where they can create content for websites, social media, marketing and more.  Small business owners can then use them across their social platforms, websites and email marketing for customer engagement and business growth.

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Instant Video is an AI-powered feature that'll help entrepreneurs create stunning videos without added costs.  Here is why Instant Video is a game-changer:

  • Instant Video allows you to pick your style.  Thanks to AI, users can simply choose the perfect video style that fits their brand and message.
  • Videos are watermark-free.  With Instant Video, you can create professional-quality videos without those pesky watermarks. This will truly rival those made by influencers.
  • It can create AI-powered slogans.  This app can generate catchy slogans based on the clips or images uploaded.
  • It is user-friendly.  This feature is designed for everyone - video newbies to pros.  
  • Instant video features smooth and easy content integration.  Exporting your video is a piece of cake as well.

Music plays a crucial role in setting the mood for any type of video content.  It can reinforce a brand's identity and message.  With this in mind, GoDaddy partnered with Melodie to provide users with royalty-free tunes.  All music available within GoDaddy Studio is created by talented independent artists.  It also supports musicians around the world.

Another new feature within the GoDaddy Studio is the ability of entrepreneurs to purchase a domain name right within the app.  In addition, they get a free version of Website Builder with the option to upgrade to a matching email address.

If users want to go pro with GoDaddy Studio, they'll have access to a treasure trove of stock photos and videos in the GoDaddy Studio library.  Equipped with licensed music, pre-designed transitions, brand elements, graphics and stickers, entrepreneurs  are encouraged to experiment.  This will totally make their social media engagement stand out. 

All these features are now exclusively available in the GoDaddy Studio app for both iOS and Android.