Unmasking the creepy side of technology

From spooky AI interactions to sinister surveillance: How today's tech can send chills down your spine

At a glance

  • Advances in artificial intelligence allow chatbots and virtual assistants to understand and respond to human language using natural language processing (NLP). This has led to devices eerily mimicking human conversations and behaviors, creating concerns about privacy and overreach.

  • Modern algorithms and data collection methods allow companies to provide highly personalized ads, often appearing so accurate it's as if our devices can read our minds. This tailored advertising can sometimes feel invasive and eerie.

  • The addictive nature of technology, especially social media platforms, can lead to excessive screen time. This obsession can result in mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and a feeling of disconnection from reality.

  • With the surge in digital data storage, there's been a concurrent rise in data breaches. Such incidents, where sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, can lead to dire consequences like identity theft and financial losses.

  • Unlike temporary physical marks, digital footprints are often permanent. Once something is uploaded online, it becomes nearly impossible to completely erase it. This permanence can result in past digital actions haunting individuals in unforeseen ways in the future.

In a remarkable way, technology has transformed our lives. It is a double-edged sword. While it offers us numerous marvels and unprecedented convenience, it also has a dark side that cannot be ignored. Technology can be complex and intimidating, which is why it can give us the feeling of fear and uncertainty. It can be sinister once used to spread misinformation and propaganda and truly horrifying when used to harm, manipulate and control people. There are plenty of ghastly things lurking in the digital world, which is why it is essential to be aware of them so we can use technology responsibly.

Let us uncover the creepy side of technology

1. The spooky AI

spooky AI.jpg

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool, and as it advances, it becomes more and more human-like. It is quite impressive how chatbots and virtual assistants can quickly respond to all our queries. This is made possible by AI. Through AI's natural language processing (NLP), computers now have the ability to understand and respond to human language. Again, it is impressive but a bit creepy. Does it send shivers down your spine the thought that a device is eavesdropping on our every conversation? Not to mention that it can actually converse and make jokes with us, imitating human language and behavior.

2. Nocturnal notifications and psychic abilities

psychic abilities.jpg

Imagine yourself alone at night with all the lights out. Suddenly, your phone lights up and buzzes eerily in the middle of the night! That's not all. Since the notification already woke you up, try scrolling through your social media feed, and there they are - ads of items or products that you and your best friend were talking about before you fell asleep! It is as if your device has some psychic abilities. Or is it just a coincidence? I don't think so!

It is all about algorithms and data collection. Companies use these two together to analyze customer data: your online behavior, web searches, social media posts, etc. This information is used to identify trends and to personalize content. The ads are then tailored according to the user's interests. It can sometimes be a bit eerie as these ads are so on-point and accurate.

3. Addiction and mental health disorders

Do you often get the urge to constantly check on your social media accounts? Technology has a way of keeping us glued to our screens. This is why, most often, it is hard to put our smartphones down. This can lead to excessive screen time and social media addiction. The addictive nature of these sites could lead to anxiety, depression, and, worse, a sense of disconnection from the real world.

4. Unsettling data breaches


We've seen and heard of data breaches so many times. It has become increasingly common due to many factors - the growing number of online businesses, increased amount of data collected and stored electronically, etc. What's terrifying is when data ends up in the hands of cybercriminals. This can lead to identity theft, financial losses, reputational damage and legal liability.

5. Disturbing digital footprints

digital footprints.jpg

If there is one thing that would last forever, it would have to be digital footprints. Unlike footprints in the sand that wash out once the wave comes, digital footprints don't disappear. Even though you think you have discarded them, different servers may still have them. Once you put something online, it would be difficult to delete it. Remember, always be careful of what you share online - embarrassing photos, indecent, disrespectful comments and posts. The internet never forgets. Remnants of your digital past life may come to haunt you in the future.

6. Watchful menacing eyes

menacing eyes.jpg

Don't you sometimes feel like someone's watching you? Technology has watchful eyes. From the cameras installed to monitor our homes to the cookies that track our online activities, technology is watching our every move. Consider the smart home devices that often listen and respond to voice commands or our smartphone that knows practically everything about us! Think of facial recognition technology, drones and other forms of surveillance. While most technologies are designed with convenience in mind, to do this, it needs to collect data and well, monitor our actions. The key here is to take caution and control of your online presence.

In today's world, technology is a constant companion, and we rely heavily on it. It may be designed to make our lives easier and more connected, but there is a creepy side to it, too. It is important to be aware of the potential dangers of technology. Be vigilant, thoughtful and mindful of what you share. Stay informed about how data is used, and do not let fear hinder the use of technology to do good.

Indeed, there can be eerie and unsettling things about technology.