THRILLMAKER: Newscasters in the running to be this year's star

Joee Guilas

For more than two years now, I have already written about countless personalities and events with thrilling and exciting news to share with their publics. This time around, it is your “thrillmaker” who now wishes to share just how thrilled he is to have one of his pursuits finally recognized by some of the most discriminating people in this industry—the movie press.

Vic Lima

Yes, setting all modesty aside, I got the thrill of my life when I found my name among those nominated for the 35th Philippine Movie Press Club’s (PMPC) Star Awards’ Best Male Newscaster Category. Being cited as a finalist in the award giving body’s roster of excellence may no longer be a big deal for others who have already had the chance to be nominated or may have already won in the past (after all, the recognition program had already been on for 35 years!). For someone like me, however, making it to the list after only two years straight broadcasting as an anchor and while representing the “often overlooked” government channel, being a nominee is already sweet victory which affirms that good, committed work does get rewarded.

Arnold Clavio

I certainly have no big expectations about winning. My co-nominees are popular and respected personalities in the industry who, I know, have invested much time and dedication to the broadcasting profession.

Raffy Tima

Four Kapuso male anchors made it to the nominees’ list. Arnold Clavio and Raffy Tima have already won their Star Awards trophies multiple times in the past. Ivan Mayrina and Atom Araullo, on the other hand, are two of the leading network’s young and promising newscasting heartthrobs. My PTV colleague, Aljo Bendijo, is undoubtedly among the most remarkable names on both radio and television, while Net 25’s Vic Lima is someone who had been a recognizable broadcaster long before I even joined my first TV network, three decades ago. As a co-nominee and fan, I have nothing but pure admiration and respect to these gentlemen.

Atom Araullo

This is why I consider finding my name side by side these media warriors’ a huge honor and privilege in itself. While 31 years of continued engagement in broadcasting pursuits (FM radio, included) also speak volumes about my love for the media, I have always had my heart torn between my passion, which is newscasting; and my need to express my creativity, through my profession as a corporate communications executive. While I already had the chance to host and even anchor some news programs in the past, it had only been since 2020 that I finally resolved to serve the public fully in providing them with information they need to know via a regular news program. I realized that doing the news is the best way for me to somehow give back something to society as it will allow me to give Filipinos information that can help them formulate and make the right decisions and choices for their lives. Just for that, yes, I believe I truly deserve the nomination because not only did I commit to that idea, I truly pursued it with passion.

Ivan Mayrina

So whose hands will eventually bring home the prestigious trophy, representing the best broadcasting work in an especially challenging pandemic period? I guess we’ll just have to really wait until the winners are announced on the 28th of January at the Winford Manila Resort and Casino in Manila.

Aljo Bendijo

In the meantime, as a tribute to those who came before us, here’s a list of the past winners of the PMPC’s Best Male Newscaster Award:

1987: Noli de Castro (TV Patrol / ABS-CBN 2)

1988: Noli de Castro (TV Patrol / ABS-CBN 2)

1989: Bobby Guanzon (GMA Balita / GMA 7)

1990: TG Kintanar (Headline 13 / IBC 13)

1991: Jose Mari Velez (GMA Headline News / GMA 7)

1992: Frankie Evangelista (TV Patrol / ABS-CBN 2)

1993: Bobby Guanzon (GMA Balita / GMA 7)

1995: Angelo Castro, Jr. (The World Tonight / ABS-CBN 2)

1997: Mike Enriquez (Saksi / GMA 7)

1998: Angelo Castro, Jr. (The World Tonight / ABS-CBN 2)

2000: Mike Enriquez (Saksi / GMA 7)

2001: Henry Omaga-Diaz (TV Patrol/ABS-CBN 2)

2002: Henry Omaga-Diaz (TV Patrol/ABS-CBN 2)

2003: Julius Babao (TV Patrol / ABS-CBN 2)

2004: Julius Babao (TV Patrol / ABS-CBN 2) and Martin Andanar (Big News / ABC 5)

2005: Julius Babao (TV Patrol World / ABS-CBN 2)

2006: Julius Babao (TV Patrol World / ABS-CBN 2)

2007: Julius Babao (TV Patrol World / ABS-CBN 2) and Alex Santos (TV Patrol Sabado / ABS-CBN 2)

2008: Julius Babao (TV Patrol World / ABS-CBN 2)

2009: Julius Babao (TV Patrol World / ABS-CBN 2)

2010: Julius Babao (TV Patrol World / ABS-CBN 2) and Daniel Razon (Ito Ang Balita / UNTV 37)

2011: Anthony Taberna (Iba-Balita ni Anthony Taberna / Studio 23)

2012: Ted Failon (TV Patrol / ABS-CBN 2)

2013: Julius Babao (Bandila / ABS-CBN 2)

2014: Erwin Tulfo (Aksyon / TV5)

2015: Erwin Tulfo (Aksyon / TV5)

2016: Erwin Tulfo (Aksyon / TV5)

2017: Arnold Clavio (Saksi / GMA 7)

2018: Raffy Tima (Balitanghali / GMA News TV 11)

2019: Raffy Tima (Balitanghali / GMA News TV 11)

2021: Julius Babao (Bandila / ABS-CBN 2)