Rabbit Chinese horoscope for the Year of the Rabbit 2023

By Patrick Lim Fernandez

1927 Yin Fire Rabbit‬
‪(born 2/5/27 to 2/4/28)‬

1939 Yin Earth Rabbit‬
‪(born 2/5/39 to 2/5/40)‬

1951 Metal Rabbit
‪(born 2/4/51 to 2/5/52)‬

‪1963 Yin Water Rabbit‬
‪(born 2/4/63 to 2/5/64)‬

1975 Yin Wood Rabbit‬
‪(born 2/4/75 to 2/5/76)‬

1987 Yin Fire Rabbit‬
‪(born 2/4/87 to 2/4/88)‬

‪1999 Yin Earth Rabbit‬
‪(born 2/4/99 to 2/4/00)‬

2011 Metal Rabbit‬
‪(born 2/4/11 to 2/4/12)‬

‪2023 Water Rabbit‬
‪(born 2/4/23 to 2/4/24)‬

‪Oftentimes, one might think‬ ‪that when the current year is the‬ ‪same as one’s zodiac sign, then‬ ‪one can expect good fortune ahead.‬ ‪On the contrary, when meeting the‬ ‪same zodiac sign, there will always‬ ‪be a push and pull of luck, a sort of‬ ‪tug-of-war. This is because the‬ ‪star of this year is the Rabbit. Thus,‬ ‪someone born under the same sign‬ ‪will be sharing the “spotlight”‬ ‪which is termed as “offending the‬ ‪Tai Suey” or the Grand Duke. The‬ ‪result of this will be fluctuating‬ ‪luck for them this year.‬

They should take the upside to‬ ‪this. Since they are “sharing the‬ ‪spotlight,” much notice will be‬ ‪given to them. This will be beneficial for those who don’t mind and‬ ‪are comfortable with the attention. This will be their chance to‬ ‪showcase their talents and capabilities. Since you never know who‬ ‪is watching, this may open new‬ ‪doors for them. This burst of popularity though will put them under‬ ‪close scrutiny wherein anything‬ ‪and everything about them will be‬ ‪noted. They should be mindful of‬ ‪what they say and what they do,‬ ‪as they will not be able to control‬ ‪what is for public consumption‬ ‪and what has to be kept private.‬

Meeting the same year will also‬ ‪bring about some changes, movements, and disruptions to their‬ ‪lives. This may affect their otherwise relaxed and steady pace.‬ ‪These distractions may also affect‬ ‪their judgment and cause them to‬ ‪be stressed, irritable, and worried.‬ ‪Thus, it is not advisable to make‬ ‪any major decisions or changes‬ ‪unless they have properly thought‬ ‪about it and consulted their inner‬ ‪circle. At some point, they may feel‬ ‪overwhelmed by pressure from‬ ‪all directions, but they should not‬ ‪allow this to unnerve them. They‬ ‪should rely on their own efforts‬ ‪and tackle each issue as it crops up.‬

A key that the Rabbit can access‬ ‪is making use of the “General Star”‬ ‪they have on their charts. This means‬ ‪that they should not shirk from added‬ ‪responsibility. If a chance comes up‬ to lead a team or spearhead a project,‬ ‪they should be quick to volunteer.‬ ‪Having this star means that they will‬ ‪be given the chance to have more authority, influence, and power, and‬ that there will be more chances at‬ ‪being the head or the leader. A promotion and increased wealth luck‬ ‪is highly attainable if they use their‬ ‪leadership skills.‬

If they are the boss of their own‬ ‪business, then they can use the‬ ‪good energy of this star to wield‬ ‪their authority (without being‬ ‪tyrannical of course). One thing‬ ‪they should remember though is‬ ‪that a general is only as good as‬ ‪his troops. This means that they‬ ‪should foster and strengthen their‬ ‪bonds with the people at work so‬ ‪that they can rely on their people‬ ‪in the future. Another positive‬ ‪thing this star brings is benefactor‬ ‪luck. Having the right support and‬ ‪advice when needed will help them‬ ‪greatly this year.‬

Having a pair of the Power & Authority Seals will strengthen their authority this year and give them the back‬ ‪up and support they need.‬

Having the “Academic Star” bodes‬ ‪very well for those who are still in‬ ‪school as this gives the Rabbit enhanced‬ ‪absorption capacities. This will be especially good for when they have written‬ ‪exams, thesis defenses, and orals. This‬ ‪symbolizes great academic improvement, which means they should do‬ ‪well in school. For those who have been‬ ‪wanting to pursue further studies, they‬ ‪should seriously consider starting to do‬ ‪so this year. It might even make sense‬ ‪for them, if their resources allow, to‬ ‪take a break and go on a sabbatical to‬ ‪finish the course faster, like in a year‬ ‪rather than stretching it out as a part-time student to finish in three years.‬

For those in the academe, administrative, and research industries, their‬ ‪endeavors will yield positive results.‬ ‪They should also take up any opportunity for learning that comes their way‬ ‪throughout the year to pick up a new‬ ‪skillset, improve on the skills they already have, or something that will contribute to their self-improvement.‬

For the Rabbit, the presence of the‬ ‪“Jade Hall Aspiring Star” means that‬ ‪this will be a good year for asset acquisition. It will also be a good time to be bold‬ ‪and explore new ventures or look into‬ ‪investments that will bring substantial financial rewards over time. This‬ ‪star shines favorably on their wealth‬ ‪and business matters that are related to‬ ‪their assets. Aside from quantifiable assets, this star also has a positive influence on the unquantifiable assets such‬ ‪as learning something new and investing in personal development.‬

It will be nice to have a Fat Fat‬ ‪Wealth Enhancer to further increase‬ ‪their wealth potential.‬

The Rabbit should not let the disruptions that will crop up throughout‬ ‪the year disturb them too much. Otherwise, if they are preoccupied and‬ ‪distracted, they may easily get hurt.‬ ‪The presence of the “Blade Star” indicates that they are highly prone to‬ ‪injury, metal cuts, and bloodshed.‬ ‪They should be extra careful during‬ ‪outdoor activities. Any chronic health‬ issue should be properly monitored to minimize the risk. Now is as good a time as any to put into effect a lifestyle change that they may have been putting off.

Taking precaution and prioritizing their well being is highly advisable. It will be best to get a general blood test after the New Year for them to evaluate their health level. Some of the health issues they may encounter this year though is tied up to stress. Therefore, they should keep a positive attitude and take some time to unwind and spend time with loved ones.

There will be a high tendency for them to get into clashes with some family members. Things may not be so rosy on the home front. They may butt heads on issues that range from the minute to the serious. They should remember that their family and the bonds they share are precious and that their family will be the ones they can turn to during this tumultuous year. They should always aim for a calm, peaceful, and reasonable resolution to whatever issue the family is tackling.

In line with this, they should not feel entitled and self-indulgent, rather, they should be mindful of the consequences of their actions and words.

Overall, it will be good for them to carry a Safety Medallion. Since the year will only turn out to be as good as the Rabbit can make it, they have to keep in mind that they will be their own best asset. They have to ensure to take care of that asset, which is themselves. They should strive to be in good condition in their physical, mental, psychological, and emotional state. They should then be aware that they have the “Sky Cry Star” on their charts this year.

This puts them in a state of heightened emotions where they may suffer from sudden bouts of feelings of anxiety and stress. This unsettled state of mind may make them be irrational and unreasonable. They may react to things differently and out of character this year. If they were faced with the same situation two years ago or maybe next year, their reaction may be different from how they will react this year. They should then remember that the reaction they have should be commensurate to the “offense” and try not to overreact.

Keeping that in the top of their heads is important, as they should not allow their emotions to get the better of them. They could be extra sensitive this year and less tolerant of others. They may be more easily affected than be- fore and the presence of this star may hamper their ability to deal with issues.
They may find themselves get- ting caught up in the moment, more often, where tears will be shallow. Sometimes, it is okay to cry to relieve emotional stress and it is not a sign of weakness. They should think of activities they can do that will help them relax and relieve their mental stress. When they are feeling emotional, they should not withdraw and try and deal with it on their own, rather they should reach out and spend time with people who care about them.

It will also be good for them to have a Magical Amber to help ground their emotions.

The Rabbit may sometimes find themselves in the middle of petty and trivial arguments with close relatives or friends. This is the effect of the “Indo- lent Star” that has the tendency to sow discord and conflicts. Knowing that this is the probable energy of the year, they should be mindful in their interactions with others to ensure that stray words and flippant comments do not overly push them over the edge.
They should seek first to understand and be the bigger person so that they do not bait and cause these arguments and even avoid them altogether. Taking the high road will be a good motto for them this year.

Elements forecast

Wood Rabbit
You have an ambitious year ahead of you, and will want to accomplish a lot of things. Don’t hesitate to ask for the support of people around you, especially those in positions of authority. The "Academic Star" behooves you to learn something new this year, so take advantage of this to expand your horizons. Don’t work yourself too much though, and take time to balance out the different aspects of your life.

Fire Rabbit
There are numerous opportunities available to you for your career or your business, so keep an open mind and have the courage to pounce on them should they become available. As such, this is a chance to showcase your strengths and as a result, you may get recognition from your superiors or peers. Try not to flaunt any success you have this year to avoid clashing with the Grand Duke and getting people envious of you.

Earth Rabbit
This is a year of self-improvement for you, so make sure to list down your goals and desired outcomes for the year to improve your chances of success. Take any challenge or hurdle as a learning opportunity and don’t lose hope. Mind your emotions as well if things become too much for you so as not to sow conflict among you and your loved ones.

Metal Rabbit
To the elderly Metal Rabbits, the wealth star bodes well for investments. Try to study these investment opportunities to be aware of the risks and rewards and approach it with the correct and balanced information. To the younger Metal Rabbits, take ad- vantage of the "Academic Star" to do well in school and get good grades, but be mindful not to lose your focus too easily.

Water Rabbit
Take a balanced approach toward the next chapter of your life but focusing on your finances, relationships, and health equally. Take this time to pursue your passions and foster new relationships while rekindling older ones. Having a support group around you will make your next phase in life a lot more meaningful and enjoyable.

Monthly Guide
This table below gives an overview of the monthly trend and how the Rabbits will fare. The months with a ? means that it will be a pretty good and smooth month. The months with an ~ signifies an average luck month where some aspects will be okay but other aspects may encounter some obstacles. The months with a X signify that the luck is weak so it will be good to prepare and exercise extra caution. The start date of the months is also indicated.