Monkey Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Rabbit 2023

By Patrick Lim Fernandez

‪1932 Water Monkey‬
(born 2/5/32 to 2/4/33)‬

‪1944 Wood Monkey
(born 2/5/44 to 2/4/45)‬

1956 Fire Monkey
(born 2/5/56 to 2/4/57)‬

‪1968 Earth Monkey‬
(born 2/5/68 to 2/4/69)‬

‪1980 Golden Monkey‬
(born 2/5/80 to 2/4/81)‬

‪1992 Water Monkey‬
(born 2/4/92 to 2/4/93)‬

‪2004 Wood Monkey‬
(born 2/4/04 to 2/4/05)‬

‪The Monkey has a boost of positive energy with the “Moon of Kindness Star” in‬ ‪their charts. This lovely named star brings‬ ‪valuable opportunities for them to be the‬ ‪benefactor and the source of support. This‬ ‪star helps ease the negative effects of the‬ ‪bad stars and turn it around for the better.‬ ‪It helps resolve obstacles and turns mishaps into good tidings. The positive glow‬ ‪of this moon extends into all aspects of‬ ‪their life.‬

‪Therefore, they should first let go of‬ ‪grudges and past hurts. For this‬ ‪moon to truly work its wonders,‬ ‪they first have to do their part.‬ ‪They need to resolve‬ ‪personal or professional issues that‬ ‪have been bugging‬ ‪them for some time.‬ ‪Rather than being‬ ‪vengeful, they‬ ‪should just forgive and trust that some-how the Universe has a way of correcting‬ ‪itself. Participating in volunteer work,‬ ‪adopting a charity or supporting a charitable cause will bring its own unquantifiable rewards.‬

‪There is a very kind star called the‬ ‪“Earth Salvation Star” that will nicely‬ ‪rein in all the ups and downs that the‬ ‪Monkey can expect this year. Its presence greatly lessens the downs and helps‬ ‪magnify the ups. Despite some of the bad‬ ‪stars, this star has a way of averting bad‬ ‪luck and downplaying its negative impact. It offers them protection from hazards and helps them turn things around‬ ‪and overcome challenges.‬

‪Somehow, if they find themselves in‬ ‪a tight spot during the year, they will be‬ ‪able to figure out a way of getting out of it‬ ‪or a benefactor will appear to lend a helping hand.‬

‪The Monkey this year has the “Commander Star,” which means that they will‬ ‪be given the chance to wield their authority. Showing their leadership capabilities‬ ‪and their ability to work with the team‬ ‪will contribute to career progression,‬ ‪promotion, business development, and‬ ‪upgrading of status.‬

‪This further strengthens this aspect,‬ ‪they can put the Power & Authority Seals‬ ‪in their office on top of their work desk.‬

‪The Monkey should aim for a good‬ ‪work-life balance. Otherwise, it might‬ ‪wear them out and take‬ ‪a toll on their health. The‬ ‪presence of the “Minor Illness Star”‬ ‪is a reminder of that. There are potential health threats that if caught‬ ‪in time, will only have minor change,‬ ‪although if not careful it could turn‬ ‪into a long-term issue. This especially holds true for those are traveling‬ ‪overseas‬.

‪It will be good for older Horses‬ ‪to have a Brass Longevity Peach on‬ ‪their bedside table.‬

‪The Monkey should also remember to keep watch of their expenses.‬ ‪Spending and being generous is okay‬ ‪as long as it is within reason. The‬ ‪“Small Drain Star” denotes that as‬ ‪the money flows in, and it also has‬ ‪a way of flowing out unnecessarily.‬ ‪Groceries, electric bills, and mobile‬ ‪phone expenses are considered regular expenses, but having a drain on‬ ‪one’s finances means there are high‬ ‪chances of having unnecessary expenditures. For example, a monthly‬ ‪water bill is expected, but if they are‬ ‪not mindful of the pipes and leaks in‬ ‪their plumbing, then this water bill‬ ‪could be bigger than it should be.‬

‪This means that they should not‬ ‪take risks when it comes to their‬ ‪wealth. They should set budgets for‬ ‪themselves and be prudent with their‬ ‪spending. Resist the urge for impulse‬ ‪spending and seek advice from those‬ ‪in the know on how to manage their‬ ‪wealth. They could look into investing their surplus in future yielding‬ products. Do the right research and‬ ‪background checks to avoid getting‬ ‪scammed. Be extra mindful of spending when traveling and try to not‬ ‪overstretch.‬

‪One approach to this help subdue‬ ‪the energy of this “Small Drain Star”‬ ‪would be to invest in a house or buy‬ ‪something that they have longed for‬ ‪as a way of preempting it. Another way is to donate to a charitable‬ ‪cause.‬

‪Having a Fat Fat Wealth Enhancer inside their safe/vault‬ ‪will be good to help let the money‬ ‪stay.‬

‪If the Monkey is not careful, then the “Robbery Star” that‬ ‪is also dominant in their chart‬ ‪may rear its ugly head. This star‬ ‪brings with it the energy of losing something. It could be losing‬ ‪money, losing belongings/valuables, losing face, losing reputation, losing close friends/allies,‬ ‪losing health, or losing one’s‬ ‪peice of mind. This star invites‬ ‪nothing but trouble. Therefore,‬ ‪they have to be very discerning‬ ‪as to who they allow to get close‬ ‪to them and as to whom they will‬ ‪put their trust and confidence‬ ‪in. Better to go with the tried‬ ‪and tested and go with those‬ ‪who stuck it out with them when‬ ‪times were rough. It is also good‬ ‪to consider availing of travel insurance or investing in insurance‬ ‪of the home and other assets if‬ ‪they have not yet done so.‬

‪To help minimize the ill effects of this star, it will be good‬ ‪to adopt a charitable cause or‬ ‪organization that they can support throughout this year. They‬ ‪should also pay special attention to home safety and personal‬ ‪safety. It will be a good year to‬ ‪invest in CCTVs for the home and‬ ‪office. It will also do them well to‬ ‪consult a professional or friends‬ ‪who are experts in the field before getting into any business‬ ‪venture or before launching into‬ ‪a new investment.‬

‪It will be good for them to put‬ ‪a Hippo Guard in their homes to‬ ‪help protect them.‬

Elements of Forecast

Wood Monkey
It is important for the Wood‬ ‪Monkeys not to lose hope this‬ ‪year, as there are a number of‬ ‪beneficial stars that will help resolve problems on your behalf.‬ ‪As such, don’t stress yourself out‬ ‪too much when in a bind and seek‬ ‪help from friends and family if‬ ‪you need it. Due to the Robbery‬ ‪Star, pay extra attention to your‬ ‪belongings and your expenses as‬ ‪well.‬

Fire Monkey
For this year, try to keep your‬ ‪sense of wonder and awe for new‬ ‪things that may enter your life.‬ ‪Seek out opportunities to learn‬ ‪new things and meet new people‬ ‪that you can learn from. Health‬ ‪may be a larger concern for you‬ ‪this year, so follow a healthy regimen and try to seek opportunities to get fresh air, exercise, and‬ ‪watch your diet.‬

Earth Monkey
There is a good Authority‬ ‪Star in your chart that will help‬ ‪your leadership abilities. People‬ ‪will look to you for guidance and‬ ‪leadership. As such, try to find‬ ‪opportunities to lead people or‬ ‪projects in your professional and personal life, and your luck will grow as a result.‬ ‪Watch out for the expenses at home or in‬ ‪your business, as this may result in your‬ ‪personal or business bank account going‬ ‪close to red this year.‬

‪Golden Monkey
The work you have put in the previous years will bear fruit this year, as you‬ ‪will get the chance to benefit from the‬ ‪groundwork you have already laid. Make‬ ‪sure that you share the benefits of your‬ ‪good fortune to those who helped you‬ ‪along the way by showing appreciation.‬ ‪Don’t make investments without carefully studying the underlying assets and‬ ‪risks to avoid any potential losses.‬

Water Monkey
Trust is an important aspect of your‬ ‪life this year. This involves trusting but‬ ‪verifying things at work to make sure you‬ ‪know all the details of what is happening. This also involves trusting the right‬ ‪friends and personal connections so that‬ ‪this won’t result in a loss of money or‬ ‪loss of relationships. You may find yourself experiencing some stress this year,‬ ‪so take it easy and have some me-time to‬ ‪recharge and rejuvenate yourself.‬

‪Monthly Guide
This table below gives an overview of‬ ‪the monthly trend and how the Monkeys‬ ‪will fare. The months with a ✓ means that‬ ‪it will be a pretty good and smooth month.‬ ‪The months with an ~ signifies an average luck month where some aspects will‬ ‪be okay but other aspects may encounter‬ ‪some obstacles. The months with a X signify that the luck is weak so it will be good‬ ‪to prepare and exercise extra caution. The‬ ‪start date of the months is also indicated.‬