Revamp your flooring: Here’s why Wilcon Depot is your go-to place for all things tile

Choosing the right flooring for your home can dramatically change the appearance and overall vibe of your space. Although there's a lot to consider before making a decision — from function and budget to location, durability, and lifestyle — it's easier to have a sense of vision when you have everything you need in one place, so it's not as daunting as you thought it'd be. Case in point: Wilcon Depot is your go-to place for all things home improvement.

Wilcon Depot provides services and a myriad of tile choices that will help you revamp your flooring in an efficient and convenient way. It offers services that will help you in every step of the way, from exploring a wide array of tile choices to tile cutting to even creating a 3D layout of your dream space.

Tile Studio

Find the one that fits your home’s style from Wilcon’s broad tile collection. It offers tiles, colors, and textures that will surely complement your taste in countertops, walls, or floors.

A wide selection of premium Italian tile brands is also made available to customers, namely Novabell, Energie Ker, and Gardenia, as well as the high-end Asian brands Arte, Sol, Huanqui, Picasso Mosaic, and more.

Tile Cutting Service

Cut down on extra work from your home improvement projects and accomplish them seamlessly with Wilcon's tile-cutting service. Using the Rubi Tile Cutter, tile cutting is made simple, safe, quiet, clean, and best for intensive tile cutting needed for major home projects.

Sprawling tile section

Wilcon has everything you'll need to transform your space into what you've imagined, whether it's for indoor or outdoor, countertops, swimming pools, or all three. Its wide range of tile selection will spark inspiration for designing your home without leaving anything out.

Design Hub

If you need help painting a realistic picture of how the tiles will turn out in your home, Wilcon has well-trained in-house designers to help you create a 3D layout of your dream space through innovative computer software that also provides you with a cost estimate and a product list.

Wilcon staff are prepared and equipped to assist in computing the quantity you need to purchase according to the size of your space, including the choice of tile material best suited for your purpose, so no more second guessing.

Wilcon Online Store

No time to come down and shop at your nearest Wilcon Depot? Not a problem, because you can shop for your home improvement needs right in the comfort of your home — or anywhere, really — simply by visiting the Wilcon website.

Look for everything you need in just a few clicks when you “Shop by colors” to see the different colors, sizes, patterns, and textures available for a specific product, "Shop by Brands" to see products from all Wilcon brands, and "Shop by Series" to explore a product selection and other related products under the same series.

The online store also features the "Tile Calculator," which calculates the quantity and square meters based on a particular tile's width and length. This helps you to lay out the floor area and purchase the right number of tiles that you need.

Here’s a quick view of the tile collection:


Indoor - Floor

Carpet Tile

Cement Look

Decorative Tiles

Fabric Look

Marble Tiles

Plain Floor Tile

Start designing your dream home with Wilcon as your one-stop shop for everything home improvement and construction! Visit your nearest Wilcon Depot store branch or shop online at the Wilcon Online Store to get your home project started.

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