Make it your business to make it better

But first New Year greetings from eight of the icons of the Philippine private sector

(Cover design by Jovanni Bernasol)

In the OCTA Research-organized, Tugon ng Masa (TNM) National Survey conducted between Oct. 23 and 27, 2022 through face-to-face interviews with 1,200 male and female Filipinos 18 years old and older from classes AB, C, D, and E in Balance Luzon, Metro Manila, the Visayas, and Mindanao, it was found that at least 46 percent of adult Filipinos were optimistic about the future, particularly the next six months of this year.

In fact in the Visayas, 60 percent of the respondents expressed confidence that the economy would improve over the next six months. Across major areas, only 10 percent feared the economy would worsen while 38 percent saw it neither improving nor deteriorating.

This year could be a turning point now that we are emerging from the choking effects of the pandemic and while new challenges unfold with the war in Ukraine, the global oil crisis, and the stark reality we are all being forced to confront in the face of climate change, new laws, such as the Retail Trade Liberalization Law, the Foreign Investment Act, and the Public Service Act are promising to further enable the business sector to play its crucial role in bettering the life of Filipinos.

But today, the very first day of a future that may get brighter or turn dimmer, let’s not worry so much about the details of nationbuilding, in which all of us, business or consumer, must take part. Foremost among our tasks at this point is to arm ourselves with the faith that, together, we can make it happen.

We turn some of our business leaders, whose vision and missions will no doubt prove critical, to rah-rah each of us to the year 2023 that, with hope, with resolve, with honesty, and with one another, we can make healthier, wealthier, happier, more wonderful for all of us.


While 2022 was certainly a very challenging year for us Filipinos, there’s still a lot we can be grateful for. Despite newer Covid-19 variants, we’re so far from our situation from less than two years ago. Daily life is almost back to normal, our economy is recovering, we’re able to spend time with family and friends, and many have even started traveling again. This 2023, my prayer is that an even greater number of Filipinos benefit from economic recovery. Despite the continuing impacts of the pandemic, the Russia and Ukraine war, and many other critical issues we face as one nation, let’s try to keep a positive outlook, focus on doing our best, and more significantly, try to make a positive impact: not just on our families and friends, but especially to those outside our circles who may need help. I think that’s the best resolution, we can all have. A blessed and prosperous New Year to all! —Ramon Ang, San Miguel Corporation


As we move toward a new year, allow me to share some reflections on what was such a volatile period in history.

While the pandemic has brought many challenges and uncertainties, our inert resilience and ability to adapt to difficult circumstances as a Filipino people, and as members of the global community carried us through. Levels of cooperation between individuals and institutions and the generosity they have shown have largely been unprecedented and borderless. BioPharma companies ramped up research and development of vaccines, leading to groundbreaking medical advances in just a few months. Advanced economies provided countries with limited resources with life-saving vaccines. And a diversity of people and organizations all pitched in to help the vulnerable cope with the pandemic’s impact.

Here in the Philippines, the private sector, including those who traditionally competed with each other, collaborated to provide immediate cash assistance for our most vulnerable countrymen.

Together with government, we rolled out a massive, nationwide vaccination program. And certainly, we can proudly say that the Philippine model of public-private partnership that significantly boosted our testing, tracing, and treatment capacity has been cited by international observers as an excellent practice that others may learn from.

The pandemic provided us at Ayala with several opportunities to revisit our businesses, redesign certain aspects of our operations, and eventually pivot our enterprises to meet the constantly evolving needs of our various stakeholders. Throughout this period of ambiguity and what we believe will still be a fast-paced and unpredictable post-pandemic future, we remain committed to ensuring the accessibility and relevance of our products and services. We likewise reiterate our pledge to be a trusted partner to address long-standing pain points in aid of nation-building and advancing the greater good.

It is our hope at Ayala that we would continues to come together and strive toward inclusive recovery to shape a better and progressive Philippines.

I wish everyone a bountiful New Year. —Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Ayala Corporation


Salamat at magkasama pa din tayo hanggang ngayon (I’m very thankful we are still together despite everything)!

We have been through major shifts in history, from the advent of globalization to the acceleration of digitalization, and a long pandemic in between that continue to test our resilience, yet our Filipino brand Bench, born 36 years ago, still stands strong because of your unwavering support. We at Bench promise to continue to give you good design with great value, memorable experiences with our brand, and continued service to our community. We are deeply grateful to all of you, our fellow Filipinos. May you all have a happy and healthy New Year! —Ben Chan, Bench, Suyen Corporation


I wish Filipinos a better life, better health, more opportunities, and more happiness in 2023.

May our optimism lead the way to a better year despite the many challenges we face. —Tessie Sy-Coson, SM group


Happy New Year to our kababayans in the Philippines and around the world!

In the year 2022, we validated for ourselves that no challenge would be insurmountable if we worked together. Our lives began moving forward again, and we bravely faced the future as the world opened up to countless new possibilities.

May the New Year bring even more hope and prosperity for all. I believe that if the private and public sectors continue to support each other for the good of all Filipinos, we will have an even better, brighter 2023. Mabuhay! —Lance Gokongwei, Gokongwei Group


May 2023 be a brand new year filled with hope and optimism, solidarity and unity, as well as peace and harmony, not just for our country but for the whole world. We have gone through a lot during the past three years of the pandemic, and this New Year, we look forward to a stronger, more progressive Philippines ahead. I wish everyone a prosperous New Year! —Andrew Tan, Global Alliance, Inc., Megaworld


I am happy to greet you all as we close 2022, a year of transformation for Philippine Airlines.

We began 2022 by exiting Chapter 11 restructuring, then proceeded to welcome a new generation of leaders and take a series of actions to re-activate our fleet, build back our network, and embark on a more open future of digitally powered change.

So now we can pause to appreciate the progress we have made from the darkest days of the pandemic.

We thank all our stakeholders—creditors, service providers, travel and cargo agents, suppliers, government agencies, interline partner carriers, and many more—who collaborated with us to sustain our business and support our recovery.  

We thank our beloved customers—our passengers, cargo shippers, and charterers who placed their trust in PAL to transport their goods or to fly them safely to their homes, work places, holiday spots, and families.

We thank our fellow colleagues in PAL and PAL Express, who gave the best of their professional efforts and ideas to ensure that we serve our customers with Buong Pusong Alaga. I congratulate my PAL Group family for turning PAL around and propelling it to greater heights.

Let us thank our families for their unending love and support.  

Let us extend our appreciation to the Filipino people who have looked up to Philippine Airlines as their flag carrier, resolute in its mission of service for the country and the world.

As we go forward to 2022, we look up thankfully to God and seek His guidance and inspiration, so that we, the people of Philippine Airlines, can carry out that mission with grace and excellence. —Lucio C. Tan, Philippine Airlines


After two testing years for all of us in the corporate world, we enter 2023 with hopes renewed and desires invigorated.

My earnest wish is that whether one is in business or a consumer, the New Year will be full of exciting possibilities.

Let us look back with gratitude for the friendship and memories shared with loved ones. Friends and family are indeed priceless gifts from God to us all.

Wishing each of you a happy and prosperous New Year! May 2023 bring you an abundance of everything that truly matters in life. God bless you always. —Nedy Tantoco, Rustan Group of Companies