Move it, move it

Japanese global retailer Uniqlo launches the latest collection of Sport Utility Wear (SUW) for men, women, and kids to keep them comfortable and stylish in any activity to stay fit and active.

Affordable in price for everyone and simple in design so that it can be easily worn in every aspect and need of the day, the SUW collection consists of LifeWear garments that include functional innovations that support the need of athletes. Each piece allows anyone and everybody to move however and whenever they want.

‘Mindset is everything: Always think positive and set goals.’

To introduce this latest collection, coaches Eduardo Lara and Joanne Villablanca from REBEL, a health and fitness app, were featured in an episode of Uniqlo Live Station, a series of online live selling sessions to encourage customers to shop in-store and on the Uniqlo app. Alongside fashion stylist Daryl Chang, they discussed various tips on how to maintain an active lifestyle with the help of Uniqlo’s SUW collection.

Eduardo and Joanne both share a strong passion for fitness and coaching. “Mindset is everything: Always think positive and set goals. Never compare your body to others as we are all built differently and are on different journeys,” Eduardo says. His other tips include working out in the morning to start your day on a positive note, incorporating stretching in your daily routine, and eating as clean as possible.

Meanwhile, Joanne’s advice for those who are struggling to commit to their fitness journeys is to be consistent, “it will take a few weeks or months until you make it a habit, but don’t lose hope if you miss one workout or eat one bad meal.”

One of the important tips for both Eduardo and Joanne in staying active is to wear the right clothing that allows them to execute and teach exercises without any discomfort such as the Uniqlo’s SUW collection.  Crafted with the best fabrics and clothing technology, each garment is functional, affordable, and easy to wear to support customers in their respective fitness journeys.