Karen Davila's tips on how to get better from COVID-19

Her whole family got the virus

Karen Davila is now on her seventh day in home quarantine, posting that life goes on as she works from home for her show ANC Headstart, and takes care of her two boys Lucas and David. Husband DJ is already back at work.


The mom-of-two posted three days ago that her family has been infected with COVID-19. The found out five days prior to this post. As of this writing, on Jan. 8, "The kids and I started feeling so much better on day 4 thanks to @lifecoreph’s COVID-19 home treatment protocol. Don’t forget to drink two to three liters of water everyday, gargle often with warm water & salt, drink your vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D. We drank a lot of calamansi juice as well."

She also reminded her followers who are coughing to ask their doctor for mucolytic to loosen phlegm, and antitussive to prevent coughing at night. "Don’t forget to take your melatonin before sleeping," she adds. "I hope your family is feeling better! Please take care, everyone!"