Calling aspiring entrepreneurs! Here's a masterclass for you—and it's for a good cause

Achieve your dreams and get Filipino youth educated with MovEd Business Masterclass

The classes are about to start!

This pandemic has pushed many to become leaders. Ordinary Juans and Juanas took on the role of the boss, conceptualizing the perfect products and formulating the steps to success in order to thrive and survive. You may have thought that this entrepreneurial venture is limited to a certain age group, think again. The younger generation is now stepping up and ready to take on the business challenge. Although they may be short when it comes to years of existence and experience, proper tutelage can turn this new breed of aspiring entrepreneurs into future moguls.

That's the goal of MovEd Business Masterclass, to shape and hone the minds of tomorrow's business leaders with the help of key speakers and mentors. It presents a series of talks exploring the possibility of a career in entrepreneurship. Leading the classes are distinct entrepreneurs and educators like Ateneo de Manila University's Rudy Ang, retail master Louella Scott, and MovEd Foundation founder and chairperson Alex Eduque to name a few.

The virtual seminars will encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and students of all ages to "listen, learn, engage, and take part in raising funds for a good cause." For a donation of P1,000 per session, participants will get to sponsor a month of education for a MovEd student. Participants can also join all the sessions with a P3,000 donation. Apart from covering MovEd students' education, the fund to be collected from the masterclass will also be used for their feeding program and other academic needs.

"This masterclass hopes to be a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and students to have a productive and purposeful break where they can pay it forward," the foundation says. "The donations that will be raised from this project will be used to send Filipino children in underserved communities to school."

MovEd Business Masterclass will take place from July 28 to August 14, 2021. Know more about the class schedule and how you can join here.