Korean dramas to include in your binge-watch list

These shows will surely bring you all the feels

Coming-of-age shows are just as inspiring as they are entertaining. The young or young-at-heart can relate to characters' journeys, and for some, even sparked new passion within when life is in limbo.

Need something to take that "languishing" feeling? Here are some Korean young adult (YA) series that will reinvigorate your thirst for life. Discover stories of highs and lows from young dreamers and rebels that'll make you stand up again or, at the very least, encourage you to pursue your heart's desire.



Adapted from the popular webcomic of the same name, “Imitation” tells the story of South Korean idols who have real dreams and strive hard in the highly competitive idol era. Ma-ha (Jung Ji-so of "Parasite") is an idol trainee who lost her chance to shine and is given a second chance, Ryok Kwon (Lee-Jun Young of U-KISS) is the leader of the popular idol boy group Shax, Lee Yu-Jin (Jeong Yun-ho of Ateez) is an idol trainee and friend of Ma-ha and La Rima (Park Ji-Yeon of K-pop girl group T-ara), a superstar singer. Together they traverse the complicated world of the entertainment industry trying to make it to the top amid blossoming friendship and romance.

My Roommate is a Gumiho

'My Roommate is a Gumiho'

From the producers of uber-kilig romantic classic “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” comes “My Roommate is a Gumiho,” adapted from a webtoon starring K-pop idol and actress Lee Hye-ri opposite the multi-faceted artist Jang Ki-Yong. Shin Woo Yeo (Ki-Yong) is a handsome and smart professor but he’s also a 999-year-old nine-tailed fox (gumiho). In order to become a human, he needs to collect enough human energy in his fox bead. Lee Dam (Hye-ri) is a college student who has never dated before. One day, after an incident, Woo Yeo’s precious fox bead ends up in Lee Dam’s body. The fox bead can only exist in a human body for a year before it destroys the human. Woo Yeo suggests they live together to figure out a solution and an unexpected cohabitation begins.

Love Revolution

'Love Revolution'

Fan-favorite from Produce 101 Season 2 and from K-pop boy group Wanna One, Park Ji-Hoon and The Boyz’s vocalist Kim Young Hoon star along with Lee Ruby (notable for her recent role in "Memorist") in this hilarious rom com about love at first sight but soon find themselves in a rollercoaster of emotions and circumstances as they get to know each other more.

At A Distance, the spring is green

'At a Distance, The Spring is Green'

A story about young people in their early 20s and the problems they face in university. Nam Soo Hyun and Yeon Joo, two boys with contrasting personalities, unexpectedly become friends when they work on a project together. The series stars Park Ji Hoon (Wanna One member), Kang Min-ah (known for her latest role in the hit series “True Beauty”), Bae In-hyuk ("My Roommate is a Gumiho"), and Kwon Eun-bin, an idol and actress who’s a member of the girl group CLC.

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