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You might be surprised that there are already various tile types and choices available in the market now. So, when you’re planning your next home tiling project, choosing the right and perfect tile for every space in your home may seem a daunting task. We have enlisted these guidelines and factors you need to consider to ensure you’ll make the best tile choice for your home with Wilcon Depot.


The most common tile materials are porcelain and ceramic. Porcelain tiles are best used for floor applications. This type of tile is dense, highly stain-resistant, moisture resistant, low maintenance, durable, and has a low water absorption rate that makes it perfectly suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom areas and outdoor spaces with weather exposure. Porcelain is also perfect for areas with high traffic such as living rooms and hallways. While ceramic tiles are best used for wall applications specifically for kitchen backsplashes and shower walls. Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and clean. It is more affordable compared to other tiles. Ceramic has the most diverse designs and pattern options, which makes it unique and stylish.

Porcelain Tiles by Castelvetro (Available in size 20 cm x 60 cm)
Ceramic Tiles by Emigres (Available in size 25 cm x 75 cm)

When it comes to kitchen tile countertops, there are also two most popular materials—quartz and granite. Quartz kitchen tile countertops are one of the latest materials available. This type of material is more durable, less porous, and hygienic. It is made up of 90 percent ground natural quartz and stone-like materials. Granite tile countertops are sustainable, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and low maintenance. It is made up of 100 percent natural material and granite tiles can bring unique colors and patterns in terms of design options.

Quartz Kitchen Tiles by (Available in size 60 cm x 240 cm)
China Natural Granite Tiles (Available in different sizes)


Tile finishes have their own distinctive style and are designed to meet your preference and suit your needs. Tiles with glossy finish are ideal choices for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls. They are easy to clean and maintain. Glossy finish tiles can brighten up your space with its reflective surface and can surely bring a modern look for your home space.

Matte finish tiles are slip-resistant. It is best used for bathroom floor tiles and living room areas. It can also be used in outdoor areas. Matte finish tile can transform your area and bring a rustic and traditional look.

Glossy Tiles by Saigres (Available in size 60 cm x 60 cm)

Size and shape

The size of tiles you will pick can have a big impact on the balance and aesthetics of your room. If you want to make your room look more spacious, large tiles are the best option. Larger tiles are ideal for floors, while smaller tiles are best applied on the wall. Small-sized tiles or mosaic tiles are your ultimate choice for kitchen and bathroom walls. It can add depth and streamlined flow to your space. Avoid using large tiles on your walls and small tiles in the floor, it will make your space look disproportionate. Large rectangular and square tiles can make your room expansive and feel more airy. Small mosaic and subway tiles will create a more compact feeling to your home.

Mosaic Tiles by Picasso (Available in sizes 296 X 309mm; 300 X 302mm)

Color and patterns

Tile colors can determine the ambiance and mood you want to bring out in your space. From bright white to light brown and light gray, these tile colors can create a warm, neutral feeling, and visually refreshing and appealing look. It can effectively complement your home interiors. Using light-colored tiles can also create an illusion and make your space feel bigger. While dark-colored tiles will always be elegant and it can bring a dramatic feeling. Installing dark-colored tiles on the floor can add depth, contrast, and fearless statement.

When you want to add character to your home, patterned tiles can help create a sensational and stunning look in your spaces. You can choose from stylish patchwork, beautiful floral, glass mosaic, interlocking, stone cladding, herringbone, geometric, and among others. But if you want a minimalistic look, you can opt for plain tiles.

Patterned tiles by Herberia (Available in size 20 cm x 60 cm)

With all these factors you need to consider before deciding what tile to install and use in your next home tiling project, you can explore the endless tile selection from Wilcon Depot with its broad array of premium and high-quality tiles that varies from materials, finishes, sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns.

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