Here's how to avoid: 'My toddler checked out without my permission!'

With parents spending more time at home, children bare witness to how busy all the adults are in the house. Everyone's doing double or event triple duty and kids as young as toddlers can't help but mimic their parents' actions—including online shopping and checking out.

We've seen stories of parents posting how their children have used their accounts to buy apps, games, and, just recently, even products without their knowledge. So how can a parent prevent their children from purchasing from these apps?

Photo by zhenzhong liu on Unsplash

We asked Shopee PR to share some tips. The surest way nothing gets checked out is when you're logged out of the app. "Logging in every time you need the app can be inconvenient. However, this is an effective way to ensure your kids don't get to access your account without your permission. Make sure they don't know your password, too!"

Other tips include making ShopeePay the default payment option. "This requires your PIN code or your fingerprint for the transaction to be finalized," says Shopee representative. Turn on notifications and checking the app regularly also helps in tracking accidental transactions so you can cancel right away.