Check out this manicure service on wheels in NYC

It is the best place for your hands.

In the early days of community quarantine, we saw mobile clinics, kitchens, even the mobile palengke roaming around the metro to minimize Filipinos' outside activities and to help keep the spread of the coronavirus at bay. On the other side of the globe, another service is going to the streets to give people their much-needed cuticle attention. 

Social media star and founder of Drink Babe Josh Ostrovsky, famously known as Fat Jew, is on a mission to save New Yorkers from nasty nails with a manicure service on wheels.

"Nobody in New York City has been able to get a manicure for months and cuticles are looking like trash," he posted on social media. "So Drink Babe and I decided to create a socially-distanced, 'rona-free mani truck."

Launched this month, the rose-colored mani truck, which looks like test booths we see in the news, provides free nail services. 

Customers only need to put their hands through a hole on the plexiglass window installed in the truck. A nail technician wearing protective equipment then attends to the customer's nails – clean and then paint them with pink, blue, or red polish, inspired by the colors of Drink Babe's line of canned wine.

According to Josh, the mani trucks will be coming to other cities in America, and that it will also offer pedicures soon.

"Find us soon in cities across America," he says. "Pedi trucks coming soon, I can only imagine what you people's feet look like. Yikes."

We've got to admit, this kind of enterprise is a glorious innovation, which could have saved many struggling salon businesses in the past months.