Tips on how to design a bright and cheerful study area

One of the most common places for most people to study is the dining area or living room. While they may still get the job done, having a designated space to study is always more ideal. If you’re aiming for a space with no distractions, having a study area is a must. It helps you stay active and focused while doing your tasks.

Make your study area stand out and efficient with these tips you can use to create a uniquely designed bright and cheerful space:

Combine contrasting colors
A smart way to create balance and hierarchy in your design is by combining contrasting colors. It emphasizes the focal point in the room and makes it more festive-looking. Mix and match your bright-colored walls with brick-looking tiles from Arte Ceramiche and add a light-colored accent chair or opt for a darker shade of ottoman from Heim to add more variety to your space.

A carpet from Heim is also a great addition for providing more layers on your flooring. Complete your contrast must-haves and transform your study area into a vibrant-looking space.

Heim ottoman chair, carpet, and accent chair and Arte Ceramiche tiles

Create a brightening effect
One of the most fundamental components in a study room is the lighting. Great lighting can help you stay productive and concentrated while studying and also induce a positive vibe around the room. You can add a Heim mirror to create an illusion that makes your space appear larger and brighter as it reflects your lighting. Alphalux carries a great selection of lighting solutions from pendant lamps to desk lamps that can complement the theme of your study area.

Heim mirror, Alphalux pendant lamp and table lamp

Add a personalized touch
A great way to induce productivity is by seeing the things that interest you. Embellish your space with items that give life and color by adding statement pieces to keep you motivated and inspired. Vases, alarm clocks, and wall decors are also a great option to keep the overall look of your space lively. Heim offers a wide variety of home decors to complete your cheery study area.

Heim vases, wall decor, and alarm clock

Keep your area organized
Aside from the aesthetic factors, another aspect to consider is keeping your study area and essentials neat and organized. A clean space greatly contributes to a cheerful mood. Place a layered shelf to keep your study essentials within arm’s reach. 

A console table with drawers is also ideal to create more storage for your small items like pens and papers. As for the personal items you want to avoid getting dusty, add a cabinet as your designated private storage. It will help you keep your area clean and uncluttered. You can find durable and stylish furniture from Heim—perfect for all your storage needs. 

Heim cabinet, 3-layer shelf, and console table

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