These men thought they were the first to ‘own’ a PS5

They got the PlayStation 5 ahead of everyone else—here’s how

Halloween may be over, but the tricks are still ongoing. The recent release of an Instagram filter, which lets users believe that they have got their hands on the much-awaited PlayStation 5 ahead of its launch, got a whole lot of people’s attention. As a result, many people, most especially women, have used this filter to trick their husbands and children into thinking they got an early Christmas treat.

But in reality, it was all just a prank that gave many people a good chuckle. We compiled some of the pranks on the internet. Their reactions and comments will definitely make your day.

Twitter user Zainab or @zabdulr97 got her husband thrilled over the new gaming console.

“I feel so bad now,” she wrote in a Tweet. “He just messaged me saying I’m the best wife ever.”

Actress Denise Laurel also played a prank on son Alejandro. Denise sent a video to him which made it look like there was a PS5 in their house. “Props to him for being a great sport,” Denise said in an Instagram video. “I just want to make light of our situation. He understands that I haven’t worked for nine months, and that we are tightening our belts a bit.”

Denise said she just wanted to show her appreciation. “I just got Alejandro’s report card and he got all straight As. Usually when he gets good grades, I go crazy. But I love that he knows the value of hardwork and money,” she said.

Youtube content creator Evelyn Gonzalez posted on their channel Going Gonzalez a vlog where she tricked his husband Albert. Evelyn sent a photo of the PS5, asking Albert to come home early. But then she eventually came clean when he got home, leaving the poor husband bummed out. (The children were Evelyn’s accomplices—she asked one of them to cover Albert’s eyes in preparation of the ‘surprise’). Oh, there were hilarious comments left in the comment section!

Were you also fooled by the PS5 filter on Instagram?