BTS’ successful record-breaking weekend virtual concert

How ‘Map of the Soul ON:E’ set the standards for online concerts

With the pandemic crippling the whole world’s concert and music entertainment industry, Bangtan Sonyeondan, most commonly known as Korean septet boyband BTS, delivered a world-class and record-breaking virtual concert over the weekend. 

The internationally renowned K-pop group is composed of Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, Jin, RM, and J-Hope

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the boyband announced its “Map of the Soul: ON Tour," a global tour across 17 different venues. But due to travel restrictions and preventive measures currently in place to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, BTS opted to hold a two-day online concert instead. 

Earlier in June, ticket sales for BTS’ seventh anniversary concert “Bang Bang Con” broke a world record, garnering almost $20 million, with an attendance count of 750,000—making it the largest paid virtual concert ever. Big Hit Entertainment, the agency of BTS, says the “Map of the Soul ON:E” online concert reached a global audience of at least 993,000 fans around the world watching simultaneously, once again breaking their own world record in the same year. The agency is yet to release an official revenue declaration. 

‘I thank God that we can do this. At least we can do this. this stage, it’s no one’s fault. We’re just doing our best.’

Not only was BTS able to break world records, but they also were able to deliver a world-class show with a perfect mix of creativity, fashion, design, and choreography, boosted by the most advanced technology available. 

The concert was available on multiple angles online, which allowed viewers to see the performance simultaneously from different vantages—watching a concert in a stadium. This feature made it possible for online audiences to see just how precise and well coordinated BTS was in terms of choreography and cameraman placement, and how they could mimic the “instant” costume changes they do in their music videos with such ease. 

In the background, you would still hear the cheering, the swooning, and the loud crying of all the fans, similar to what you would expect in a typical BTS concert. But where the K-pop band performed was, in fact, an empty venue filled with “Army-Bombs,” i.e. the exclusive BTS light sticks. The cheers heard were from Global Army Members who had their face cameras turned on. 

POWERED BY FANS BTS from the “Map of the Soul ON:E” concert (Big Hit Entertainment)

Undoubtedly, BTS has won the hearts of millions across the globe. Amid the ongoing pandemic, the seven-member Korean boyband also serves as a happy pill of inspiration for many through their creative music and charm.

“Map of the Soul ON:E” online concert definitely amped up the standards for concerts online—and even for physical concerts in the future. 

With the success and fortune BTS earned through their seven years of hard work, they remain humble and young at heart. They closed last night’s concert with a message from each of the members, thanking the world for the opportunity and for the strength they gain from their fans. One of the members thanked God for technology, with the rest agreeing that had the coronavirus happened two or three years ago, BTS wouldn’t probably have been able to pull off such a show because of the limited connectivity then. 

“I have no religion but I thank God that we’re living in 2020,” BTS’s leader RM said. “I thank God we have this technology and no latency, and we can see your faces. I thank God that we can do this. At least we can do this. this stage, it’s no one’s fault. We’re just doing our best.”