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Board Results

Mechanical Engineer 10-09-15
Medical Technologist 09-16-15
Respiratory Therapist 09-16-15

Electrical Engineer 09-10-15

Veterinarian 09-04-15

Agricultural Engineer 09-02-15
Physician 08-26-15

Nutritionist-Dietitian 08-25-15

Physical and Occupational Therapist 08-12-15

Guidance Counselor 08-10-15
Social Worker 08-03-15

Pharmacist 07-22-15

Nurse 06-23-15

Architect 06-19-15
Real Estate Broker 05-28-15

L.E.T. Secondary 05-22-15

L.E.T. Elementary 05-22-15
Accounting (CPA) 05-22-15

Chemical Engineer 05-18-15

Librarian 04-28-15
Criminologist 04-28-15

Midwife  04-23-15
Electronics Engineer 04-17-15

Electronics Technician 04-17-15
Bar Exam Results 2014
Medical Technologist 03-17-15
Professional Mechanical Engineer 03-11-15
Mechanical Engineer 03-11-15
Professional Electrical Engineer 12-23-14

Civil Engineer (Middle East) 12-04-14"
Civil Engineer 12-11-14
Civil Engineer (Middle East) 12-04-14
Teachers (Middle East) 12-01-14
Mechanical Engineer 12-02-14
Teachers (Middle East) 12-01-14
Chemical Engineer 11-24-14
Criminologist 11-26-14
Chemical Engineer 11-24-14
Aeronautical Engineer 11-20-14
Master Plumber (Middle East) 11-21-14
Aeronautical Engineer 11-20-14
Marine Deck 11-18-14
Customs Broker 11-14-14
Midwife 11-13-14
Nurse Middle East 11-10-14
Interior Designer 11-06-14

Architect 11-05-14

Psychologist 11-04-14
C. P. A. Middle East 11-03-14
L.E.T Secondary 10-27-14
L. E.T Elementary 10-27-14
Professional Electronics Engineer 10-22-14
Electronics Engineer 10-22-14
Electronics Technician 10-22-14
C. P. A. 10-15-14
Professional Mechanical Engineer 10-10-14
Mechanical Engineer 10-10-14

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Once upon a time a group of bored young men thought it cool to get together and form a band. They were not looking for glory. They simply…

You can say that some personal obsessions can be so grand, it practically rips through the fabric of time and becomes part of history. French high-wire artist Philippe…

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  • October 11, 2015, 2015


    Total prize

    P30 Million

  • October 12, 2015


    Total prize

    P9 Million

  • October 12, 2015


    Total prize

  • October 12, 2015


    Total prize


  • October 12, 2015


    Total prize


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Chinese middle class now the world’s largest

China’s middle class has overtaken the United States to become the world’s largest, Credit Suisse said Tuesday in its latest report on global wealth. Asia will be the scene for the greatest expansion of the world’s middle class, it predicted.…

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Novartis: A mission of curing and caring

As healthcare plays a major role in the country’s governance, the world’s multinational pharmaceutical firms position themselves to become partner in this government effort. Novartis, the world’s leading…

Ayala firm raises $1B for Mariveles plant expansion

Cebu City – AC Energy Holdings, the energy arm of Ayala Corporation together with its partner in the GNPower Mariveles plant expansion, will be targeting to raise $1.0…

Top brewers AB InBev, SABMiller agree mega tie-up valued at $109B

London – British brewer SABMiller announced Tuesday that it had agreed a takeover by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s biggest beer producer, in a deal worth about $109 billion…

Used shipping containers fill gap in South African retail malls

Johannesburg – A short drive west of Johannesburg on the edge of a fading bohemian high street stands 27 Boxes, a mosaic-colored retail center built entirely of old…

Jollibee buys 40% stake in US burger chain for $99 million

Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), now Asia’s largest food service company, is investing $99 million to acquire a 40 percent stake in US-based fast casual burger brand Smashburger plus…

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2012 Miss Tourism Int’l succumbs to cancer in Cebu

The daughter of a Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) star who was crowned 2012 Miss Tourism International in Malaysia passed away yesterday morning after her battle…

Erap approves tax amnesty program in Manila

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada announced a tax amnesty program for delinquent taxpayers in the city after the approval of an ordinance granting a tax break…

All schools must be dengue-proof – Recto

Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto urged the government yesterday to ensure that all public school buildings in the country are dengue-proof to shield students from…

COA cites Mayor Binay’s good governance awards

Despite the order for his dismissal and perpetual ban in public office, Makati City Mayor Erwin “Junjun” Binay has been cited with numerous good and…

Erap to run if VP, Poe are disqualified

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada yesterday announced he will run for president should opposition candidates Vice President Jejomar Binay or Sen. Grace Poe is disqualified. “If…

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The art of Filipino food

I was once gently admonished by restaurateur Amy Besa of Purple Yam in Brooklyn (and now…

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