James Deakin

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel

Has anyone else noticed that more and more intersections are now imposing the no right turn on red signal rule? Can anyone explain what exactly they are trying to achieve with this? I thought the goal here was to keep cars moving? Or at least keep them on the road for the least amount of time as possible. But instead, by introducing this scheme, we have only found another way to keep them there longer. 

Let’s demand answers for traffic experiments

Have you ever wondered whether or not we are living in a simulation? Elon Musk believes that the chances of us living in “base reality” amount to “one in billions,” saying that it’s probable that we live in a “Matrix” kind of existence. That may seem a little far-fetched, I know, but every time I look at how badly traffic is managed here, that not only feels true, but I’m convinced we are living in a simulation run by a four-year-old kid with ADHD that just had a double espresso.  

Same same, but different

Last Thursday, I was test driving the all-new Chevrolet Tahoe from Manila to Tagaytay and back. I was enjoying the drive immensely until we got to C5, just by the Mckinley Hill turn off by the British embassy. Traffic was heavy, and the line to turn left was at least three to four cycles of the traffic light long, so I decided to go straight instead and take my chances with the Market Market exit. Apparently, there is no greater crime.

The Dead Internet Theory and why it might be good for us

Have you heard of the Dead Internet Theory?

Unauthorized use of a person’s image

Imagine being at a crowded concert or sporting event in a massive stadium or arena. You line up at one of the food outlets during half time, glance up at the illuminated menu board, only to see your own face staring back at you. No, it's not a mirror. It’s one of those garden variety illuminated overhead menu boards that has become the standard for fast food restaurants; the only difference is there’s a video of you  enjoying their food playing on loop in between the menu items. Confused, you squint a bit then rub your eyes as way to refresh what you think you saw and make sense of it.