James Tababa

Planting mistakes to avoid: Exploring incompatible crop combinations

It's important to consider the compatibility of different plants before planting them near each other. Just like people, plants have their preferences and dislikes when it comes to their neighbors. Plant incompatibility refers to the phenomenon where certain plants, when grown together, can have detrimental effects on each other's growth and development.

A bite of freshness: Five popular microgreens that you should try

Paolo Nicomedes, the owner of The Manna Farm, is an urban farmer that specializes in the growing of microgreens. With his two years of selling and producing microgreens in the food industry, he shares the most popular after microgreens that you could try to grow, taste and enjoy.

Money from microgreens: Young urban farmer finds success in growing microgreens

Paolo Nicomedes is a 23 years old student currently studying BS Agriculture at UP Los Baños. He established Manna Farm in Sucat, Muntinlupa, an agricultural venture that specializes in the cultivation of microgreens. Through Manna Farm, He aims to promote sustainable urban farming practices and encourage the younger generation to actively participate in agriculture.

Wet weather woes: Why goats should not be grazed on grass fields during the rainy season

Goats can be found across the country, thriving in diverse climatic conditions. However, the onset of the rainy season, which typically starts in the month of June, brings about unique challenges for goat raisers due to the increase in rainfall, resulting in wet grass fields, and muddy conditions.

Boosting livestock nutrition: How to make a simple Urea Molasses Mineral Block (UMMB)

UMMB or Urea Molasses Mineral Block is a type of supplemental block used in livestock feeding. It is designed to provide essential nutrients and improve the overall nutrition of goats, sheep, or cattle.