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Leni’s circumspection?

Duterte, Año, PNP   

Federalist questions (Part 19)

METRO CORNER By ERIK ESPINA Cost estimates for the shift to a federal form of government are reported as follows. The Consultative Committee which drafted the federalist charter put it at P13.29 billion, with 12 additional senators from the present 24, plus 108 more members for the House of Representatives from 18 federated regions, excluding […]

Federalist questions (Part 18)

METRO CORNER By ERIK ESPINA Federalism was a catchy campaign tag-line for the sharing of revenues and power, to expedite development and progress in parts of the Philippines, left behind. The political imbalance coupled with rising regional/local demands for economic equality led to provincial resentments in the Visayas and Mindanao. Federalism became a promising proposition […]

Federalist questions (Part 17)

METRO CORNER By ERIK ESPINA Contributory missteps to tipping the delicate balance of indigenous identities or regionalized groupings of the Philippine state are age-old memories of inequality and undue advantage. For example – had Manuel Quezon not been a Tagalog in a majority population of Visayans, with a Cebuano vice president, likely, the national language […]